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IWD 2 Party review?

GawainBSGawainBS Member Posts: 512
My goal is to have a party which can access all quests/dialogues/as many items as possible, without being too munchkinny. Also, I'd like it to be very playable right from the start. I don't intend to play HoF.

Human Paladin X/Fighter 4 (Longswords)
Half Orc Barbarian X/Fighter 4 (Some twohanded weapon, good suggestions?)
Elf Morning Lord of Lathander (Longbow or Mace/Shield, Support & DPS caster)
Elf Bard (Longbow and I love Bards)
Dwarf Fighter X/Thief X (Dualwielding daggers or shortswords, obligatory trapdisarmer)
Halfling Sorcerer (Crossbow, offensive caster)

Do you have any other suggestions? Am I overlooking something? Should I replace the Sorcerer with a Wizard? Or throw in a Druid somewhere?

Thanks in advance!



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