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Helm of Balduran: Please help, broken quest.

I think I broke this quest - help required.
I found Vail before talking to Degrodel, and used a Stone to Flesh scroll on him - Vail simply thanked me and left. I found Degrodel later and he gave me the Helm of Balduran quest, but now Vail is nowhere to be found.
I found by reading in a post that Quenash has not only the Cloak of Balduran but also the clue to where the Helmet is: at the Helm and Cloak inn. However, here are the problems:
1) As Vail merely said 'thank you' when I freed him before talking to Degrodel, Quenash dismisses me every time I try to talk to her. Can this be changed somehow to make her talk to me?
2) I have visited the Helm and Cloak inn looking for the Helm of Balduran, but there are a couple guards on the second floor who won't let me pass to keep searching. Is this affected by the quest at all, or will the guards leave eventually?
Thanks in advance.


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