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BG2EE barely playable at 3840x2160

So I've run into something very frustrating that makes the makes the game very difficult to enjoy. I've scoured all forums I can think of and tried any and all tweaks, and nothing works. My issue seems to be exactly as was discussed here .

Basically if I run full-screen without the UI scaling, everything is very, very small. Portraits are less that my pinky fingernail, I can't read any menus or anything. Running *with* the scaling UI instead makes everything incredibly big and blurry. Neither is a comfortable scaling option for playing anything. Screenshots attached as well as photos to show how frustrating this is.

I've tried all fixes I can think of. Disabling high dpi scaling behavior in the compatability tab. Editing the ini. Running in windowed mode. *Enabling* high dpi scaling. Funnily, the game scales to the correct (and comfortable) resolution this way and I could play in windowed mode, but that makes scrolling across the map impossible as the window is borderless. If I run fullscreen, the main game window will be somewhere down in the bottom right corner.

The only thing that has worked is setting my desktop resolution to something lower like 1920x1080, and *then* the game will run as intended, I guess.

However this is an enormous hassle to switch resolutions each time I want to play and have to switch back - there is a reason I wanted a 4K laptop.

I cannot fathom why there are no resolution options to change this, or what other solutions there can be. I'd love to hear anything as I've on the verge of ditching the EE and just running the originals with the widescreen mod :neutral:


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