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Icewind Dale 2 modding - how to change armor stats

RavandelRavandel Member Posts: 53
Hello, I know its probably the least modded and forgotten IE game, but I am playing it a bit and doing some small changes/fixes. I have a question, maybe someone did this before. The question is - how to change values of:
*Max Dex Bonus
*Armor Check Penalty
*Arcane Spell Failure

I don't see any of this stats in NearInfinity or DLTCEP. I have tried digging a bit on spells/effects but without success.


  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,301
    It's possible they are hardcoded. I don't have IWD2 installed at the moment so I can't check.

    If they were going to be anywhere they would probably be 2DA files.

  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,833
    I tried this once and had trouble. If my memory is correct, I just copied existing suits of armor to create new ones with a certain maximum DEX bonus or spell failure. Drakkas' Chain would be the ideal candidate if you wanted to create a suit of armor with no penalties.

    A robe would also impose no penalties, and a robe could be tweaked so it looked like a suit of armor, both for the character sprite and the inventory icon.

    If this method actually works, then theoretically, if you wanted to change the penalties on existing armor pieces without completely eliminating them, you could create new suits of armor, copied from files with the desired penalty values, and then rename them to the original file names to over-write them.

    If not, this may well be hard-coded. A lot of stuff in IWD2 is hard-coded and difficult or even impossible to mod using traditional tools like Near Infinity or DLTCEP.

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,819
    As far as I know those things are hardcoded. They depend on the armor type.

    Using a character editor it is possible to protect a character from arcane spell failure by giving the character 20 points in the Armored Arcana feat (with a character editor you can give a character more than 3 points in the feat). Though that might not be what you were looking for.

  • RavandelRavandel Member Posts: 53
    Thank you all for answers. I was also starting to think that this is hardcoded because I couldn't find any values related to that stats in editors.

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