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Neverending Nights (NWN Machinima)

TawmisTawmis Member Posts: 93
edited November 2017 in Fan Creations
I am so very excited about Beamdog giving NWN a little love! I recently (beginning of last year) began refilming the entire Neverending Nights (NWN Machinima) I had done into true 1080p format. (The original series was recorded in 800x600 and later 1040x768) - but was still extremely pixelated. The series means so much to me - because I fell in love with writing the characters, voicing it - and even the editing of it - and seeing it all come together.

So at the start of this year, 4 years after we finished it (and to think we started this back in November of 2004, so it took us 9 years to do 65 episodes, originally!) - I've been releasing the new 1080p versions of the episodes pretty much on a monthly basis (with a few exceptions here and there - since work and vacations have tended to get in the way from time to time!) So far I have re-filmed and released the first 31 episodes of the original 65. It's night and day difference too - not just the quality of the video, but even the editing - because of what I've learned since we first started this.

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