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Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Linux Aurora Toolset

Can you please, PLEASE port the Aurora toolset to Linux so that we can develop mods on the Linux platform as well. I was a pretty enthusiastic modder for the original Neverwinter Nights and it would be EPIC to be able to mod and play on Linux. I fully plan to purchase 4 copies of the game (one for each of my family memebers) but only if the mod tools are available, otherwise it's no better than the original NWN which I have packaged in a .deb file anyway. Basically without the mod tools I don't see a point in buying this game again. so Please, PLEASE port the tools as well! It would be HUGE if you could do that! This comes from a long time supporter of both the original games and the enhanced editions. I own BG1 EE and BG2 EE and play them on Debian Linux right now!


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,420
  • LuticusLuticus Member Posts: 6
    No, I hadn't. Thanks for pointing it out. I registered on this form just to make this comment. :smile: When I saw you guys were doing an EE of NWN I got super excited that I might finally be able to mod NWN on Linux and was disheartened when I read the Steam entry and saw the Aurora tools were win only. I definitely understand the difficulty with possibly having to rewrite the tools, and I certainly appreciate the developer feedback on the subject. Major props for even considering bringing the main game over to Nix. I have the original toolset working in wine, although it's not really usable. Anything you guys could do to make a functional toolset would be epic. Or even open source that part? Whatever the case, you guys make a working toolset for Linux and I'll buy 4 copies day one! (hopefully you guys do one of those 4 pack deals on steam :smile:)
  • XenogeneXenogene Member Posts: 5
    Gotta say I'm loving the out-of-the-box Linux support on Steam for NWN:EE. I've played with the DM client and it seems to work fine on Linux (adding -dmc to the launch properties is perfectly acceptable). Even if there was a bare bones Linux native toolset to just make areas and link them into a larger playing field, then I could at least DM with that by placing enemies etc as required. Sure, you can't make proper mods with such a limited toolset, but for us tabletop gamers who want a more immersive experience it'd be great.
    Yes I'm aware even a bare bone basic area 3d mapper would be a lot of work - but it doesn't have to be 3d for an area mapper. A simple 2d display of the tiles could be usable - annoying but usable, and the results could be 3d checked in game :)
  • virusmanvirusman Member, Developer Posts: 173
    Toolset works in Wine, so you can run it on Linux.
  • XenogeneXenogene Member Posts: 5
    I have avoided installing wine thus far. NWN might be enough motivation to do so, though it is an impurist's solution.
    How do I download (the Beamdog version of) Aurora? Am I really going to have install steam on wine to download it? Is there an alternative? WineHQ only lists it as Bronze support for 1.69, which seems to be the version used.
  • LuticusLuticus Member Posts: 6
    I don't mind installing wine, but I use it for old content I already own (mostly stuff from my childhood). I never purchase games/applications with the intent to run them in wine.
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