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Where are Minsc and Dynaheir? (possible slight spoiler near start of SoD)

SirKalthorineSirKalthorine Member Posts: 7
edited December 2017 in Troubleshooting
Hi all,

I just want to check that I'm not being stupid here (which wouldn't surprise me...).

Just finished the SoD prologue and left the Ducal Palace to collect my companions.

First stop Three Old Kegs for Minsc and Dynaheir. I ask Cormyr where they are and she says they are renting a room on the third floor.

But all I find on the third floor are one room with some conspiring nobles, one room with a noblewoman who tells me to leave... and two empty rooms.

Am I missing something here? Do I have to do something else to get Minsc to appear, or is there a bug?

And if it IS a bug, can someone give me a console command I can use to get him to appear?

I'd be gutted if I can't get this to work as I just finished a mammoth BG1 run for the first time in over a decade and was looking forward to carrying on through SoD and BG2 by way of reminding myself of the whole BG experience -I was one of the first modders when the BG series came out and wanted to rekindle my old hobby, but wanted to remind myself of the whole game from start to finish first/ However, no Minsc is a bit of a gamebreaker for me...

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


Sir K



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 7,045
    Were Minsc and Dynaheir killed during BG1 and never raised?

  • SirKalthorineSirKalthorine Member Posts: 7
    Dynaheir got chunked fairly early on but Minsc was not only with me for the whole of BG1, he was with me during the SoD Prologue as well.

  • ThelsThels Member Posts: 1,167
    Why not park them in a building, rather than actually getting them chunked?

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 891
    @SirKalthorine, would you be able to upload your saved game to see if there is a problem?

    The command to spawn a version (new) of Minsc is: C:CreateCreature("minsc")

    Be aware however, that there will probs. He would be a new Minsc, he wont have any of his kit, levelling might be wrong etc..., you could 'fix' him using EEKeeper but there might also be global/local variables that could be out of place as well.


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 7,045
    With Dynaheor chunked, she wouldn't appear. I suspect that Minsc not appearing alone in SoD, is because they are paired once again. His entire intro dialogue refers to asking Dynaheir for permission to go with charname. Without his witch, Minsc would have little reason to stick around.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 891
    edited December 2017
    ThacoBell is correct. Had a little play around and without Dynaheir, he (they) wont be there.

    As far as the spawning goes, use C:CreateCreature("minsc7") instead which would give you Minsc for SoD.


    And C:CreateCreature("dynahe7") for Dynaheir to join as well. (Before you ask Minsc)

  • SirKalthorineSirKalthorine Member Posts: 7
    edited December 2017
    Ah that does make sense, in which case it looks like I'll be playing SoD without Minsc. So long as it is intentional for Minsc not to appear without Dynaheir, I can live with that,

    However, and having said that, surely this means that this IS a bug of sorts, since Corwyn SPECIFICALLY says that both Minsc AND Dynaheir are in the Three Kegs? Plus she confirms it when asked where they are... and considering that there is no way that I am alone in having Minsc being the only one of the pair to survive BG1 for an imported game, that does seem like rather an oversight on Beamdog's part.

    (Just for the record, I'm not actually in the "Get rid of Dynaheir I only want Minsc" brigade in BG1. She did actually get chunked during the attack on the Bandit Camp (I was playing on hard difficulty with perma death) and I was pretty devastated. However, I am playing a strict, roleplaying "no reload unless the protagonist dies" play through, hence she stayed dead).

    P.S. I did a little test with both C:CreateCreature("minsc") and C:CreateCreature("minsc7"), both times with Dynaheir/Dynaheir7 spawned first. For "minsc" I got his BG1 joining dialogue, and for "minsc7" I got his (caged) BG2 joining dialogue. Interesting eh?

    Post edited by SirKalthorine on
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 891
    edited December 2017
    For me, I was presented with BG1 dialogue with C:CreateCreature("minsc"), and with C:CreateCreature("minsc7"), I was asked whether he could join and that he was bringing along Dynaheir as well (in two questions).


    Edit: Might be to do with the variables in the game. The game I used still had Dynaheir alive (somewhere with Mincs) and doing well I guess.

  • ThelsThels Member Posts: 1,167
    edited December 2017
    Don't all the SoD characters have a BD prefix in the database? Ain't there a BDMIN... something to create?

    What Corwyn says sounds like a bug or oversight, though.

    Alternatively, instead of continuing your save, could you start a new SoD game and import your character? That should make the game forget about who died and didn't die.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,732
    edited December 2017

    P.S. I did a little test with both C:CreateCreature("minsc") and C:CreateCreature("minsc7"), both times with Dynaheir/Dynaheir7 spawned first. For "minsc" I got his BG1 joining dialogue, and for "minsc7" I got his (caged) BG2 joining dialogue. Interesting eh?

    Running any mods? The script for whether or not Dynaheir/Minsc spawn is independent from one another. So whether or not Dynaheir shows up is not dependent on whether or not Minsc is alive.

    Tested it now anyways, chunked Dynaheir (who had been in my party in BG1) appeared in SoD fine.

    Post edited by elminster on
  • SirKalthorineSirKalthorine Member Posts: 7
    edited December 2017
    Thanks for everyone's help, I've decided that it must be a quirk of the BG EET set-up I have installed, so I'm looking on the bright side and using it as an excuse to start again and try a different party make-up from the beginning of BG1, but to "cheat" and reload if any significant NPCs do get chunked.

    While i was waiting I also took the opportunity to improve the eye candy (at least to my own taste) of the ladies I will be travelling with across the Sword Coast once more. I thought I'd share my findings in case anyone else wants to use them as custom pics, by way of thanks for everyone who has tried to help me:


    You can find the bigger originals here

    Thanks again guys n gals... back to Candlekeep I go! :)

  • PaulaMigratePaulaMigrate Member Posts: 1,201
    Is it possible that you have an EET install?

    In EET you have continuous NPCs and if someone has died in BG1, he/she won't appear in later parts (except Imoen or Edwin as needed for the main plot),
    Also, in case of Dynaheir/Minsc, one would not appear without the other in SoD, only Minsc would appear in BG2 dungeon when Dynaheir is *officially* dead.

    Your description is fitting exactly the (correct/expected) EET behaviour.

  • SirKalthorineSirKalthorine Member Posts: 7
    Thanks Paula, I do have EET so that makes perfect sense now, indeed apart from the erroneous comments by Corwyn in relation to Minsc and Dynaheir being there I am actually really pleased that EET offers some continuity in relation to NPC fates.

    So it's back to Candlekeep for me with the intention of keeping everyone alive this time, even if it might involve a little "cheating" by way of reloading if someone gets chunked.

    It's not all bad news though, at least I filled my spare time gainfully (at least in my warped little mind...) by trawling the internet for some proper eye candy pics to use as custom NPC portraits next time around. Yup, I'm THAT shallow... :smiley:


  • PaulaMigratePaulaMigrate Member Posts: 1,201
    Corwyn's comment should not be there, it's checked in the dialogue that the NPC she talks about is not dead - something didn't work there.

    The Shar-Teel portrait is great. Fits her so much better than the original. The Finch one is too manga-like for my taste, she's a gnome but no child. Safana fits as well.

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