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Thay - Realm of the Red Wizards



  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 2,646
    I think i'll try this one out. It's been a long time since i've checked out the PW scene and it seems to be going strong right now.
  • BeladraMariasBeladraMarias Member Posts: 5
    We'd be happy to welcome you to Thay. :)
  • BalanorBalanor Member Posts: 175
    Come check out Thay. We're always updating improving the PW as noted in our new-ish Changelog.

    Slavers and Assassins are standing by to give you a proper Thayan welcome as soon as you arrive.
  • BeladraMariasBeladraMarias Member Posts: 5
    A great team of DM's and a friendly helpful player-base is waiting to welcome you too. Come and enjoy the Thayan way of life
  • BalanorBalanor Member Posts: 175
    Happy 2022. It's a new year, old Thay. We've still got everything you didn't ask for in a PW. However, we did just add a major new city (Escalant) for the holidays using one of the new-ish NWNEE tilesets, and completely revamped our in-game overland travel system which includes a neat new UI that displays the Thay map in-game.

    Come check it out and see what all the people a person is talking about.
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