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A little poll from a DM

MatthieuMatthieu Member Posts: 371
Well, I used to play tabletop RPGs as a teenager. Mostly games like: AD&D2 (Forgotten Realms and Dark Sun), RuneQuest (3rd edition but the French edition, which stuck to Glorantha), Stormbringer etc.

I left and came back decades later. And I found the genre changed a lot.

We went from "simulationist" systems like AD&D2 and RuneQuest to "narrative" ones like D&D5 or Numenéra. In the same fashion official modules moved from linear structures (going from A to B etc.) to "sandbox" ones.

Going straight from the old to the new, the contrast is quite striking. So which in your opinion in better:

Old school: simulationist systems with linear scenaristic structure
Recent: narrative with sandbox scenaristic structure


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