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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Giveaway!

AtremiousAtremious Member Posts: 42
edited January 2018 in General Discussions NWN:EE
Hello everyone,

I hope that your holiday season has been relaxing, full of good friends, time with family, and good health. I wish to thank all of you for helping with the survey I ran. It closed on the 20th, and while I'm still crunching some data, I wished to give a nice thank you for the new year.

I am going to give away 15 20!!! copies of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition! All you need to do, in order to enter the draw for it is simple. Leave any sort of comment in this thread. The draw will happen on January 15th, 2018*. I will contact all winners through the forums. DO NOT post any personal information or contact information in this thread please!

Thank you all for your support and help. Good luck!

Edit: *A very clever white tiger of some description realized that I accidentally put January 15th 2017 here, making the date already passed. Unfortunately as he's caught me! I will need to now do it in 2018 instead. Alas, no time machine here.

Second Edit: We have hit critical mass! There are just -too- many people who are signing up for 15 keys to be enough. I guess I'm going to have to make it 20. We're going to be giving away 20 keys

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