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Animal Companions for Rangers and Druids in IWD:EE?

I was so sad to see that Rangers and Druids have no animal companions in IWD:EE. I know it's true to the original but still...with IWD II:EE probably never happening, this is the only game set in IWD proper and it would be wonderful to just have the same options as in BG II:EE.

This awesome mod: lets rangers and druids have nameable and leveling animal companions for BG and BG EEs, anyone want to take a stab at making it work in IWD:EE? I'd be so grateful!



  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,423
    well rangers and druids are really good in IWD, so it might make the game more unbalancing implementing this

    also, the beast master i believe gets the summon animal spells at certain levels
    and the totemic druid gets the spirit animals, so they are kind of like animal companions

    so at least in the meantime you could do that

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