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Basic information on Steam please

I activated my product key on Steam today, but have no idea what to do next.

I've only used Steam back in the day, when it was mandatory DRM for Skyrim. I never needed to use the Steam client, as Skyrim would start OK as long as Steam was running in the background. So a basic FAQ would help. In particular,
  • Steam is asking me to install NWN EE again. Do I need to do this? Why?
  • If I install NWN EE again under Steam, can I / should I map that installation onto the game folders I already have for saves and custom content?
  • There has been talk of downloading custom content on Steam. Where can I find out about this?
  • Is there an NWN forum on Steam? As an author, do I need to monitor it?
  • How do I stop Steam from starting automatically? There is a Steam client option, but it doesn't seem to work - on reboot, Steam is still lurking, according to Task Manager.
Some basic help would be appreciated!



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