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[v1.72] Warlock Mod



  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,268

    I did accidentally roll back the displayed version number. But I've tested the chain spells multiple times and it works entirely as intended on my end. I pushed the newest version again on github just in case.
  • Necromanx2Necromanx2 Member Posts: 1,237
    @AionZ I installed the latest version and tried an existing and a new game. What I found in both was if there are enough enemies for all the chain, it hits only enemies. If there are not enough enemies for my level of chain, then it starts hitting friendlies.
  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,268
    Still cannot reproduce. Anyone else having this issue?
  • Necromanx2Necromanx2 Member Posts: 1,237
    Only other thing I can mention is that it happens with the chain on Brimstone Blast. I don't chain the base blast typically.
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • ShirakShirak Member Posts: 75
    @AionZ Thanks for this great mod. I'm having lots of fun with it.

    Could I kindly request for a Invocations Progression Table to be provided? Similar to a Spell Progression Table, so that we know how many of each type of Invocations we get at a given level?

  • Necromanx2Necromanx2 Member Posts: 1,237
    edited January 2021
    Is anybody else not able to select more then the mage weapon proficiency in BG2EE?
    BGEE allows me to select any weapon per the kit description.

    Also, is anybody seeing the chain issue where it hits party members and summons (friendly fire)?
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  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 827
    According to @Bubb, the newest version of EEex (the master branch one, not the release) lets you put your Eldritch Blasts and invocations on quickslots! Enjoy!
  • Necromanx2Necromanx2 Member Posts: 1,237
    @AionZ I am running v1.72 in BGEE (v2.5).
    I notice that after Devils Sight wears off, my view range drops below the view range of other party members. So my warlock runs out in front of my party to use his bow. If I cast Devils Sight again, the view range seems to work fine. So when I change maps or rest and DS wears off, until I cast it again my view range stays reduced.
  • Anubis_DraculAnubis_Dracul Member Posts: 4
    I'm fairly new to this Warlock mod and Bards in general in BG and IWD. What abilities would I have to focus in aside from Charisma?
  • Necromanx2Necromanx2 Member Posts: 1,237
    @AionZ I am running v1.72 in BGEE (v2.5).
    Is Hideous Blow supposed to last forever? I cast it once and it has never expired (after several days of game time passing). I have also had it discharge in melee a few time, but it auto resets at the start of a round (I do not have the AI turned on).
  • Anubis_DraculAnubis_Dracul Member Posts: 4
    @AionZ I've encountered a game stopping bug in combination with the patch Maybe it has something to do with me changing the race of my main character to Vampire via EEKeeper or not but I wanted to report it anyway.

    I was not able to leave the Planar Prison. Everytime I talked to Raelis'Shai at the end of the prison, the conversation would end with "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS". Nothing happened after that. I could only restart the conversation over and over again but I wouldn't be teleported out of the prison.

    I also didn't get the Planar Sphere previously as my stronghold. Lavok didn't recognize me as a powerful mage.

  • Necromanx2Necromanx2 Member Posts: 1,237
    @Anubis_Dracul, I have seen the Planar Sphere issue. For me, shutting down the game and restarting the game (not just a reload, but shut down BG) allowed this to work.
    I have found that whenever I hit a game breaking bug, doing the complete game shutdown and then restart and reload fixes it.
  • Anubis_DraculAnubis_Dracul Member Posts: 4
    Ah darn, I already deleted the save. Thanks for the info. I'll try this the next time I play a Warlock.
  • Necromanx2Necromanx2 Member Posts: 1,237
    edited May 2021
    Actually, I ran into the bug again on a second play through (Planar Prison). Reload didn't work and I ended up using the console to go back to the playhouse. This made it so the quest did not completely finish and I don't get Hardelis or the Play house (as a bard). I could live without both so I continued with the console.
  • RaklinRaklin Member Posts: 13
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    Love the mod! Finally got around to making time for a new trilogy run through, and made sure to grab this mod. Only issue I've encountered so far was in BG1; Upon hitting level five I didn't get a chance to swap out invocations. I haven't made the time to enable cheats and add in some experience to trouble shoot, but figured I'd mention it. Look forward to to playing warlock all the way though ToB!
    EDIT: Level 6 gave me the prompt for what it's worth.
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  • smoersmoer Member Posts: 1
    Maybe this has been mentioned elsewhere already, sorry if so.
    Is there any way to install this directly to my BG:EE android version?
    If not, is it possible to install it to an existing BG:EE on Windows(GOG-edition) and then moving certain folders/files to the android device and client?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Anubis_DraculAnubis_Dracul Member Posts: 4
    No new word for half a year. Has this project been abandoned?
  • ShirakShirak Member Posts: 75
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    Anyway, the No Valid Replies bug at the Planar Prison also occurs if you have @AionZ's Bardic Wonders installed, and you try to buy the extreme reputation items (Dirge or Lament) from Leanne at Trademeet.

    You will also encounter the No Valid Replies bug.

    As this only occurs in my Warlock playthrough, and not the other playthroughs using other classes (on the same v2.5 installation), I postulate that this has something to do with the fact that the Warlock is a modded "bard kit", and something about this is creating the conflicts.

    On an unrelated note, has anyone managed to find the Infernal Soulplate +2 and/or the Black Hands of Ebonroc?
  • CalemyrCalemyr Member Posts: 238
    Hey, guys. I'm on the first leg of an EET run using a Warlock and just cleared Durlag's Tower, only to discover I didn't get the warlock's unique sword. I checked EEKeeper to find that the only c0wl items included in the item list are the Ebonroc gauntlets and the Infernal Soulplate. Kinda bummed about this, as I was planning on making that blade my character's iconic weapon. Well, dual wielding Purifier and this, eventually, as a kind of heaven/hell motif, but still... Although that CON penalty looks like it gets ridiculous so maybe I dodged a bullet here.

    Is this a bug (the Items.TPA seems to import items based on "ACTION_IF GAME_IS", so maybe EET making that check fail)? Is it intentional?

    That said, the kit is a pretty interesting one. Annoyingly fiddly in places (the buffing invocations should last 24 hours), but the melee version of Eldritch Blast is a decent compromise between balance and fiddly by making it recast itself each round if used.
  • ShirakShirak Member Posts: 75
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    The Demon Knight should be equipped with the Hellfire Blade. But you're on a EET run, so chances are that there are too many mods that screws up the files.

    Anyway, dual wielding isn't really a thing for the Warlock, as the REAL power at high level has nothing to do with melee, though you still melee once per round between invocations, as the upgraded Hellfire Blade in SOA grants you +1 strength, +1 APR, and importantly, does a whopping 3d6+2 minimum unmitigated fire damage (aka hellfire). Yes, this is stoneskin and resistance breaking damage.

    I don't know how EET affects things, but in a normal run, you'll lose everything at the end of SOD and get to buy it back from Ribald at the start of SOA anyway.

    The real power of the Warlock in late game, is in Invocations, especially with Eldritch Focus. It's basically the Warlock version of TS/IA, except that there's no TS, and u just spam AOE invocations of all types, depending on what the enemy is resistant to, till everything is dead. With Amulet of Power and Darkfire Gauntlets, your casting time is fast enough to spam.

    Good thing about having no TS, is that the rest of your party (safely away from where you're spamming AOE invocations), can still take actions. Meaning that your mage can STILL TS/IA, and basically dump all the AOE directly on top of your Warlock that's soloing the mob.

    Even without Dark Foresight, my Warlock absorbs Fire, and has resistances of 100% to Electricity, 70% to Cold, 80% to Acid, 100% to Poison, 35% to Magic, 80% to Magic Damage, and 20% to all types of physical. This means that my Warlock can sit there and eat Skull Traps from the mage's TS/IA too. It's ok to get hurt a little bit, as Infernal Crest effects will trigger anyway, further powering your Utterdark Blast, which will heal you above max for 1 round, before dropping to back to max hp.

    So no, dual wielding isn't a thing for the Warlock, you're better off equipping any shield that gives resistances instead. Remember that the Warlock does have access to Use any Item, so you can wear any armor/helmet too.

    P.S My AC without Dark Foresight is -19, with 25 dexterity from Leaps and Bounds, so the mobs can have fun trying to hurt me before they get AOE to death. And with 25 dexterity, you don't need Boots of Speed.
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  • CalemyrCalemyr Member Posts: 238
    I understand that may be the way it is intended to be played, but that's not really my style. I'm trying to play more of a "hexblade" style - a competent fighter that supplements their combat with magic. The melee version of the eldritch blast works well for this, and I'm not above using EE Keeper to reassign proficiency points to make the character a competent dual wielder. (Also, Tweaks Anthology has an option that opens full points in weapon styles for all kits and classes, so 3-point dual wielding doesn't even need EE Keeper.)

    Besides, I have a strong aversion to "fiddly" gameplay. I feel constantly pausing to micromanage spellcasting disrupts the flow and ruins my enjoyment of it. I'm not playing the game for challenge or balance or any such thing, just exploring stories built from the constantly shifting elements of a game with an active modding community.

    As for the Warlock items, I'm not using a huge number of mods, though a fair number of them. The actual item files for Stygian Ring and Hellfire Blade never got copied over, much less the text for the script. I strongly believe the install script skipped them for a specific reason. That said, it's not a deal breaker. I may just use Daystar/Demon's Gift as my heaven/hell weapons instead.
  • ShirakShirak Member Posts: 75
    Well, unless one is playing on the higher SCS difficulties, anything goes as always.

    Just to share for those new to Warlock. An Elven Warlock, on either a full trilogy run, or an EET run, starting on 18 Strength, 19 Dexterity and 18 Charisma, looks like this post-Level 24:

    With Beguiling Influence, Dark One's Own Luck, Leaps and Bounds and Infernal Crest active, and equipped with the Hellfire Blade +3, you get 22 Strength, 25 Dexterity, 25 Charisma, 2 APR, and have Luck active all the time.

    Post-Level 29, assuming that you took Eldritch Pact, Eldritch Focus, Eldritch Paragon, and Extra Invocation I for your first 4 HLAs, you will also have 20% crushing, slashing, piercing and missile damage resistance, 20% acid, cold, electrical, fire and magic resistance. Your magic damage resistance is 70%.

    You will also regenerate 1hp per round, and are immune to normal weapons.

    Ignoring Infernal Crest's health for damage boost, you also get 30% increase to fire damage (from Hellfire Blade +3), 20% increase to magical damage (from Eldritch Paragon), and 50% increase duration for all invocations (all your buffs + the DOT duration for Brimstone and Vitriolic Blasts).

    Devour Magic is basically a Remove Magic+ that does life leech damage to spellcasters, that's powered by the Bard levels that the Warlock runs on.

    Eldritch Knight has been a thing since Warlock first appeared in 3.5e, and it's really a personal preference whether one wants to maximize resistances or go for APR.

    If one uses Tweaks Anthology + Klatu's Tweaks (Manual of War), and uses an off-hand APR weapon with the Hellfire Blade +3, one can achieve 5APR without Improved Haste.

    Since the Warlock has access to Use Any Item, the APR weapon can be the Scarlet Ninjato. Alternatives if you have mods installed, include the Long Sword of Action +4, the Soultaker Dagger, or the Dervish Crescent of Speed +3.

  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 827
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    I may have found a bug in 1.72. I started a new Elf Warlock in 2.5 with EEex (Project infinity console log here) in Throne of Bhaal, but I wasn't able to learn all the invocations the spell prep/pick screen said I should have. I gained levels 1 at a time until the game said I was done and I picked one invocation known each time, which may have given me too few invocations known. I also never swapped invocations.

    I used the BETA spell learning system.

    At least this mod was EET compatible!
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