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[BG2:SOA] The black market merchants who accept fenced goods shouldn't be stealable

kingnightkingnight Member Posts: 53
edited February 2018 in The 2.5 Update Beta
There are six black market merchants in Athkatla, but only three will accept fenced goods. they are the Black Market Thief in Shadow Guild hall, the Cutpurse near the Derelict House in Bridge district and the Roge the Fence in the center of under sewers of Temple district. Those three black markets not just accept fenced goods, but also can be stolen back. If I have a thief and a couple of Potion of Master Thievery to pile up my pick pocket skill, I be definitely making my money very easily buy just selling/stealing. I don't know whether it's intented or bugs, it shouldn't be this way, because it really make the money worthless, and reduce the motivation of looting.

I think it would be nice to make the black markets once they accept fenced goods, they can never be stolen back, just disable the "Steal" functionality for those merchants, like the Waizahb in the coalition camp of SOD did. I think that would make the game much more "reasonable".



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