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D&D Fanfics 3 out of 4 Completed

BladeDancerBladeDancer Member Posts: 477
After completing my Siege of Dragonspear fan fiction, which I've been working on since the game's release almost two years ago, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, especially after completing my fan fictions based on Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition and Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition, and I feel the urge to show the fan creations I've done because I feel thankful to Beamdog and the Baldur's Gate fanbase for the blood, sweat and tears they put into re-releasing and playing these games. And it is thanks to these games I am writing these fan fictions and playing tabletop adventure D&D games with my group every Monday. Before playing Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition I've never worked up the courage to find and join a group that plays D&D games.

I'll definitely do a fan fiction based on Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition, including Icewind Dale 2, even though Icewind Dale 2 might possibly never get its own enhanced edition.

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