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Writing to you from the Western Hemisphere

deejrandomdeejrandom Member Posts: 23
edited April 2018 in New Members Welcome Area
I am an old school gamer that just bought BG 1 and 2 EE on my mobile phone but I've owned Planescape Torment EE for the same device since it launched. (Ironically, I seem to use it more as a pocket sized computer than a phone...) Through purchase of those games, I found out about the Neverwinter Nights and started to get really excited. I messed around with the original NW Toolset back in 'the day,' and I am super excited that this game is reaching a brand new audience. I am a writer and a storyteller at heart, so I am anxious to get back into the NWN toolset and start crafting stories.

I'm a writer but I currently work with developmentally disabled adults. I want to take that experience and turn it into something that is both touching and entertaining. Neverwinter Nights EE is a bit out of my price range at the moment, but I am keeping an eye on it and hoping that whatever i do with the older edition Neverwinter Nights can transfer over to EE without any issues.

Anyway, I'm currently working my way through BG 1 on my phone and enjoying it immensely. I plan on doing a BG 1/SoD/BGII playthrough.

Happy Day, all! I hope it is going well for you, wherever you are!

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