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PST:EE Ambient Sound Static

BaptorBaptor Member Posts: 220
Hello everyone,

Was playing in the Catacombs beneath Ragpicker's Square and hearing frequent static pops in the ambient soundtrack. Enough to distract from gameplay. I've had issues with soundcards in the past, but I don't think that's the case this time, because I'm not hearing any issues with any other sound on any other program, including other EE titles such as Baldur's Gate. I am only hearing this on PST:EE and only in the ambient noise.

I saw some recommended reinstalling OpenGL and I did this but no avail. Someone also said to drop the OpenGL.dll file directly into the PST:EE folder. I did this to no effect.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any other fixes or are we just waiting on a patch?


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