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Full game download without any installer.

drechanadrechana Member Posts: 53

I know there have been a few posts about this but I cant find one that answers my question. My freind has purchased this game a while back. He now however needs to reinstall windows and then reinstalling the game. Thing is he doesnt have an Internet connection so I need to download the game for him to USB and then install the game. I cant bring his PC to me as he lives miles away from me.

So I want a completely standalone copy of BG:EE, no client installer thing, just the game, like downloading an exe or msi. Is there a copy of this game that I can just download like that and stick on a USB stick so he doesnt have to connect to the internet to download/install?



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,965
    Hello! Our games are DRM-free - once you download them you can run them through .exe without any internet connection required and copy/paste the game folder if required.

  • drechanadrechana Member Posts: 53
    So the whole game can be downloaded to a usb stick as an iso or exe etc. ready to plug into a PC and install on there

  • drechanadrechana Member Posts: 53
    If so how? Because every time I try to download the game it downloads an installer, which is no good for me. I need the game, as a completely standalone install.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,965
    Use the Beamdog Client to install the game. After that you will have the game folder with .exe - and won't need to run the Beamdog Client.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,726
    Hi @drechana, as @JuliusBorisov is saying, all you need to do is install the game on your PC. You can now copy the game from the install path directly (eg: C:\Beamdog\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, or where it installs to) onto your USB by right clicking the 'Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition' install folder (not the one in your Documents folder) and 'send to' USB or copy and paste.

    You can also copy it to any part of your hard drive to allow you to have a clean install or setup your mods, and leave the original install as a clean install...

    Once copied on to the USB, your friend needs only to copy the game onto their drive into whatever folder they want (eg: C:\Games\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition) then run 'baldur.exe' from within that folder. This will then setup the saved game area in the ..\Documents folder as well as the baldur.lua etc. Your friend can also then setup a shortcut to the desktop and run the game from there.


  • drechanadrechana Member Posts: 53
    Thank you Gus, that’s exactly the answer I was looking for. Glad someone could understand my obviously unclear question!

    Brilliant :)


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