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Dispel Magic doesn't work on Weapons

It will still report a successful dispelling of the weapon's buffs, but the weapon will in fact remain buffed up with flame weapon, darkfire, keen edge, or anything else you have cast on it.


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    What do you mean? If this is a bug, it should be reported on Redmine.
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    It's not a bug per se more like an oversight, but the OP is correct that the original dispel magic scripts don't check for weapon/armor temporary buffs. On my old persistent world we scripted it so that any level of dispel stripped weapons and armor of temporary enchantments, such as Magic Weapon or Darkfire, and specifically did so automatically (without requiring any kind of check) to make sure that permanent magical weapons and armor would have an advantage over those sporting only temporary buffs.
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    Speaking of normal dispel spells, it is discutable if they should do that. In PnP if Im not mistaken, you need to decide if you target character or his weapon. This is missing in nwn and it would be needlessly complicated if the option was there anyway. If it should also dispell weapon buffs it might be too good generally, although I understand why you want dispell to do that as weapon and armor buff spells are used a lot to help lower characters as the buffs doesn't count towards ILR.

    It would make sense for MD spell or the bebilith dispel cone but not the lower dispells imo.

    Either way this is certainly not a bug rather oversight (if the designers of HotU weapon buffs never thought of), or design decision (if they did and choosed not to deal with - which we don't know).

    EDIT: Sorry I just realized why you think it is bug and the logic is not wrong - one would expect the actual buffs goes gone when the dispel dispells it. But the thing is that weapon buff spells provides a visual effect "you have some good effect on you" on character in order to kinda provide feedback that you lost the effect when its duration expires. So the questions are:
    - should weapon buff spells provide this visual effect?
    - if so, should it be dispellable?
    - and if yes, then shouldn't sucessful dispel of the visual effect belonging to the weapon buff dispel the temporary itemproperty from the weapon?

    And I say it shouldn't provide the visual effect and it shouldn't dispell weapon itemproperties because we don't know if the currently held weapon's temporary itemproperty belongs to the caster of the effect. It doesn't even have to be held, in fact the weapon can easily be passed to another player who will never have this visual effect and thus never be subject to get that effect dispelled. Well thats is - speaking technically from the NWN vanilla implementation point of view. Now if the dispel should remove weapon buffs is another matter I provided some thought above.
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