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[MOD] Improved Heart of Fury Mode Version 3.5

OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
edited August 22 in IWD:EE Mods
Icewind Dale's Heart of Fury Mode was meant to be an "ultimate difficulty mode," but it wasn't very well executed. Its main feature is to give enemies extremely large HP bonuses, such that a regular orc could have about 100 hit points. This is bad because it makes fights very tedious. Most of playing Heart of Fury Mode consists of sitting around as your summoned creatures (which also get the extra HP) slowly kill the enemies.

Icewind Dale's difficulty also suffers from the enemies' terrible AI, and previously there was no good AI-enhancing mod (like Sword Coast Strategems) for Icewind Dale.

This mod presents a more interesting "ultimate difficulty mode." It's not actually a difficulty setting, so it can be played on Normal, Insane, or even on Heart of Fury mode itself. Here are the main features:

* Battles are made tougher by giving enemies more powers (for example, Fire Beetles can breathe fire), occasionally adding more enemies in an encounter, giving enemies better AI, and making enemies stronger all around, rather than simply by giving them lots of hit points.

When possible, the mod powers up enemies by improving their main ability. Trolls in this mod regenerate faster, bombardier beetles use their spray ability more frequently, sword spiders move super-fast and attack ten times per round, and shadows are like Strength-draining mind flayers (to say nothing about what the mind flayers are like).

* There are multiple ways the mod improves the AI:
- Enemies are generally much quicker to select a different target, rather than chasing the same target for a long time.
- Enemies generally prioritize attacking characters who don't have Stoneskin or Mirror Image.
- Enemies usually don't attack characters that they can't do anything to (e.g. because of Protection from Magical Weapons).
- Enemies rarely ever use spells or abilities on creatures that are immune to those spells or abilities.
- Enemy spellcasters, particularly ones later on in the game, will only use many of their spells on party members, rather than wasting all of their spells on summoned creatures.

I'm not sure if the mod's AI is comparable with SCS, but it's the closest thing for Icewind Dale.

* The mod powers up most of the magic items in the game, like in Icewind Dale 2's Heart of Fury Mode.

Example items:

* Summoned creatures are NOT powered up, so you can't rely on them. Some enemies will get special summoning spells that summon creatures that are powered up, though.

* The party will be powered up slightly. Player characters roll 8-20 for stats (as in Dark Sun), rather than 3-18.

(Keep in mind that enemies will also have stats like this)

The party starts the game with 30000 experience (divided among the party, so a smaller party will get more experience per character). Pomab sells some good magical equipment and scrolls, and the party starts with a lot of gold.

If you are playing with mod NPCs, they will get +2 to all stats to reflect the higher stats PCs start with.

* Throughout the game items are added, removed, and switched around. There are new random item selections. The random items you get are more likely to actually be useful.

* Many spells are revised. The purpose of the spell revisions is primarily to strengthen weak spells (sometimes significantly), rather than to weaken strong spells.

The game will start off not too difficult - the goblins at the beginning of the game won't be much tougher than they are normally. But the game will get really hard really fast.

I've released Version 3.5! This patch makes some of the minor battles in Chapters 2 and 4 easier. I'm aiming on making those chapters less of a grind (I don't want the player to have to rest after every single encounter). A few more spells have been enhanced as well.

You can download the mod here.

Change Log:

Version 3.5:
* I revised some of the encounters in Dragon's Eye. I made some of the minor encounters easier, but I made some of the big fights (e.g. Lizard King, Talonites) tougher.
* Slow Poison now has a casting time of 0 (so you're less likely while casting it to be interrupted by the poison damage), and it cures the poison outright.
* Remove Paralysis now has a casting time of 1. If one of your party members is stunned and being attacked, they need help quickly.
* Unholy Blight now affects non-evil creatures rather than just good creatures, and the penalties it gives have no save.
* Cure Disease now has a casting time of 1, and it grants immunity to disease for 2 rounds. It should be more powerful than Mummy's Tea.
* Neutralize Poison now has a casting time of 0, and it grants immunity to poison for 3 rounds.
* Lesser and Greater Restoration no longer cause fatigue, and they remove various stat-draining effects other than just level drain.
* Cloud of Pestilence no longer deals damage or causes blindness (there are already plenty of spells that cause AoE blindness), but the save against the stat loss is now made at a -2 penalty. The stat loss now also counts as a disease, so Cure Disease and Mummy's Tea will remove it.
* Fire Storm now offers no save.
* Mist of Eldath now affects a larger radius and lasts for 1 turn, similar to other cloud spells. Each round, it heals 25 Hit Points. However, it still heals both enemies and allies, so it's not quite a Mass Heal.
* I fixed some more bugs.

Version 3.4
* I made it so that after you beat Belhifet, you can go straight to the expansion without starting a new game. And after you beat Icasaracht, you are sent to the tavern in Lonelywood where you can talk to Hobart and start Trials of the Luremaster.
* A new component is added: Modify Fighting Styles. This component improves the fighting style bonuses and lets a character take up to five points in a fighting style (only if the character could normally take the maximum number of points in the style).
* I weakened the orcs in the prologue cave. The orcs now have reasonable THAC0 for their level, and there are fewer orc archers in the fight in the center of the cave.
* Belhifet and Yxunomei no longer cast Imprisonment if there is only one character in the party.
* Yeti Hide Armor now protects against the Chilling Gaze ability of yetis.
* Yeti pelts now sell for twice as much.
* Conlan's store no longer has depreciation: selling yeti pelts will not decrease the value of later pelts.
* Conlan's store now has a large supply of basic +1 and +2 ammunition.
* Potions of Healing now restore 20 Hit Points, Potions of Extra Healing now restore 40 Hit Points, and Spirit Essences (which are quite rare) now restore 120 Hit Points. Elven Healing Wine now restores 12d8 Hit Points (but it still causes intoxication).
* Some scroll description errors have been fixed.
* Many spell projectiles have been tweaked to apply the effects of the spell instantly, rather than waiting for the projectile to spread out. This means that a spell like Fireball will be more likely to damage a creature moving at the edge of the area of effect.
* Sleep is now more powerful. It puts any number of creatures with 6 HD or less to sleep (e.g. goblins, orcs, orc elites), regardless of the total HD of all the creatures. There is no Saving Throw, but targets will wake upon taking damage. I meant this spell to be a crutch for getting past the prologue; it won't be too useful after that.
* I fixed a serious bug with Whirlwind that made it damage targets many times per second.
* I fixed a bug with the Cynicism sword that had made it say lines more frequently with each time it was equipped, eventually causing it to say multiple lines per second. Now it just says one line per turn. This is actually a bug in the base game, but since this mod lets you get Cynicism early enough that it might actually be useful, I decided to fix this here.
* The Rhino Beetle Shield will no longer play an expiration sound every couple seconds (which was caused by the periodic reflection effect repeatedly expiring).

Version 3.3
* Mod NPCs now start with +2 to all stats and additional 5000 experience to reflect the bonuses PCs get at the start of the game. Mod NPCs affected this way are: Dusky, Turald, Holvir, Korin, Nella, Severn, Teri, and Afaaq. These NPCs should be installed before Improved Heart of Fury Mode.
* More enemies now don't interrupt spells if the target is immune to the extra damage they deal.
* Standing in the heated room in the frost salamander aquarium now gives immunity to the Lower Cold Resistance ability of frost salamanders.
* The Spear of Kerish does not stun creatures that are immune to cold.
* Apocalyptic Boneguards and the Idol now have more hit points.
* Belhifet and Icasaracht now have protection from time stop.

Version 3.2
* Enemies no longer call for help simply by taking damage.
* Enemies no longer open doors. This had caused problems with the call for help AI, where enemies would open doors and call the enemies behind those doors, who were supposed to be in different encounters.
* Orcs no longer have a Blindness ability.
* Cold Wights, Skeleton Archers and Skeleton Bolters no longer interrupt spells from characters that don't take damage from them.
* I made Undead Lieutenants a bit less tanky.
* I changed Presio's legions quite a bit.
* Sunscorch now deals magical fire damage.
* I decreased the cost of Pig's Eye.
* The Celebrant's Blade now grants -50% slashing resistance on hit, but it doesn't stack.
* Orrick now sells a Ring of Free Action, but he no longer carries one.
* The Ring of Negative Plane Protection now displays the right icon.

Version 3.1:
* One new component: Change the summoning limit. Since this mod doesn't power up summoned creatures, having a lot of them wouldn't be game-breaking.
* Neo-Orog Marauders and Avengers no longer have a chance to drop permanent HP-increasing potions. While I don't mind giving PCs a lot of extra HP over the course of the game, they probably shouldn't be getting it from regular enemies.
* Many giant-kin enemies, such as verbeegs and ettins, now have worse saving throws, but they now use Barbarian Rage or Berserker Rage to protect themselves against mind-affecting spells. If you sneak up and cast Dire Charm on them before they get their bearings and use their rage, you could gain a very valuable companion!
* Several temples in the game now sell an unlimited supply of Potions of Extra Healing.
* Rikasha (the friendly jackalwere in the last Trials of the Luremaster dungeon) now sells an unlimited supply of permanent HP-increasing potions for you to spend your fortune on. The final stretch of Trials of the Luremaster is among the most challenging parts of the mod, and this won't make it much easier.
* I added a Quiver/Case/Bag of Plenty to Conlan's store.
* I added a ring to Mother Egenia's store that protects against level drain.
* Larloch's Minor Drain now deals 12 damage and grants 12 temporary hit points, which last for 1 hour. It should be quite good to make up for the fact that it doesn't work on undead.
* If EEex is installed, the game will show invisible enemies when a character under the effect of Detect Invisibility is selected.
* If EEex is installed, Know Alignment becomes Identify Creature, which displays the stats of the target creature.
* Haste no longer causes fatigue. This way you'll be less likely to need to rest after every battle.
* Enchanted Weapon gives the creature's weapons +5 enchantment rather than +6. The only creatures that require +6 weapons to hit are creatures under the effect of Absolute Immunity. I'd rather not make Absolute Immunity this easy to penetrate.
* The Phantom Blade is significantly stronger.
* Shroud of Flame now offers no save (it needs to be quite good to compete with Sunfire).
* The spells that can be cast with Seven Eyes are actually good now.
* Power Word, Kill now kills a creature with 120 HP or less.
* Circle of Bones lasts longer and doesn't prevent movement.
* Cloudburst has been overhauled and is much better.
* Negative Plane Protection now lasts 15 rounds.
* Fire Seeds now creates 20 seeds.
* Sol's Searing Orb can be cast more quickly, and undead make the saving throw with a -6 penalty. It deals magical fire damage now.
* The Chaos Dagger no longer casts the entire Sphere of Chaos spell whenever it hits a creature.
* Full Plate +1 is less expensive.
* The Shadows of the Void summoned by Belhifet now have the correct animation.

Version 3.0:
* I finished my Trials of the Luremaster modifications.
* Party members will be less likely to die permanently. I'm doing this because party members are going to die a lot in this mod, so it would be good not to have to reload as often.
* Some enemies now require higher enchantments to hit.
* Enemies now have better attack AI.
* Goblin archers no longer shoot Goblin Arrows.
* The prologue cave now has fewer Orc Archer Elites.
* The Goblin Marshals and Orc Archer Elites in the prologue now use Whirlwind Attack instead of Greater Whirlwind Attack.
* I made Lysan tougher.
* I changed the powers of basic wights around a little to make them simpler and more sensible. They no longer drain luck on hit, nor do they have that weird life-draining ability I had given them that they only used on luck-drained creatures. Instead, they drain one level on hit.
* Ettins now only have two attacks per round while throwing boulders.
* Sahuagin leaders now correctly buff their allies as I intended.
* Icasaracht now uses her aura of fear.
* The moonblade created by the Moonblade spell now counts as a silver weapon and deals the extra damage against lycanthropes.
* Wall of Moonlight now deals the full 5d10 damage against lycanthropes.
* Cloak of Fear now lasts 1 turn and the save against the fear is made at -2.c
* Mass Cause Light Wounds now offers no save.
* Enchant Weapon now only sets the weapon enchantment to +5.
* Rangers and Druids can now cast Dispel Magic.
* I made the Wisdom requirements for the Wish spell higher. In order to get the best selection of wishes, you need to have 25 Wisdom.
* Larrel's Sending no longer kills the party with Meteor Swarm at the Severed Hand entrance. I had originally made Larrel cast Meteor Swarm on the squirrel, but I had tested this revised cutscene before I had modified Meteor Swarm to have a larger area of effect. Now the party is in the area of effect, so they tend to get killed by it. Now Larrel casts Comet on the squirrel instead of Meteor Swarm. I have tested this and the comet doesn't hit the party.
* Mirek now actually gives the reward he's supposed to.
* The Unstrung Harp now actually takes three rounds to use.
* I increased the power of some katanas.

Version 2.0:
* The Heart of Winter expansion has been modded.
* I made druid shapeshift forms more powerful. Since the characters and creatures in the game are more powerful, the shapeshift forms need to be more powerful otherwise they could be less useful than the normal character.
* Some spectral undead creatures (shadows, spirits on the Burial Isle) can now go through walls. Spectral undead that don't realize that they're undead (e.g. shadowed elves, spectral guards in Trials of the Luremaster) do not have this ability.
* The enemy that you fight if you wish to be more experienced using Limited Wish now has some really badass abilities that no one else has (for context, this mod makes it so that this wish makes you fight a single, extremely powerful enemy rather than several golems; I won't spoil what this enemy is, but it gives 250000 experience (or more depending on the difficulty), and it's no pushover).
* Skeleton Warriors were removed from Kresselack's tomb. I plan to put a more powerful version of them somewhere else in the game later. I made a few other changes to the Vale of Shadows.
* Presio no longer casts Great Shout with Chain Contingency. She doesn't summon nishruus, and she doesn't use her Spell Trigger in the duel.
* Geelo no longer casts triple Shout with Spell Sequencer.
* I made some changes to items and put some more items in the game.
* Chain Lightning and Soul Eater now only harm enemies like I intended them to and don't produce blue fires flying all over the place.
* Know Alignment now offers no save, as I intended.
* Star Metal Cudgel now deals 4d6 extra damage against unnatural creatures, as I intended.
* Flame Strike, Iron Body and Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting have been modified.


- Do not play this mod on the game's regular Heart of Fury mode. The changes this mod makes to the game are separate from the regular HoF mode bonuses, so if you play on HoF mode, creatures will get the ridiculous HP that HoF gives them IN ADDITION to the even more ridiculous things that this mod gives the creatures. Play on another difficulty, like Insane, or Core Rules. When I was playtesting my mod I went through the game on Insane with double experience and max HP rolls. My team still got killed a lot.

- Don't try to solo the game unless you really know what you're doing.

- Make sure to have a character who can cast Dispel Magic. Dispel Magic is basically this game's version of Breach. There will be a lot of opportunities to use it once you reach Chapter 2.

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  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    edited January 11
    NOTE: These posts are old and took place while I was developing the mod. Do not confuse them with the current state of the mod.

    Dragon's Eye screenshots:

    Presio's legions:

    (When Blast Skeletons die in this mod, the explosion deals 10d6 cold damage to everyone in a 60 foot radius. I'm playing on Insane; that's why the damage is so high.)

    Presio duel:

    (The duel with Presio is really tough, but I did manage to beat her in a duel in this mod once. At this point, Aharo (my character who's dueling Presio) was a level 9/9 cleric/illusionist, to give you an idea of the XP progression.)

    Fight with the false Eldathyns:

    (The yuan-ti purebloods throw darts that summon snakes on hit; that's why there are so many snakes.)

    The team in my screenshots is my playtesting team. I'm not going to release this mod until I've beaten every modded encounter in the game with this team. So far my team has beaten everything until the false Eldathyn encounter, which I'm still modifying.

    Modding Chapter 2 is taking longer than Chapter 1 because there are more unique enemies and encounters. In the Temple of the Forgotten God, I just had to mod two kinds of enemies (and add some new stuff). In Dragon's Eye, so far I've modified over twenty different kinds of enemies and changed various encounters.

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  • VoytazVoytaz Member Posts: 25
    I finished Icewind Dale literally an hour ago, and I started a solo Heart of Fury run. Decided to look for some mods to play something different this time and saw this. Can't wait to play it, great work mate.

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    I'm finally done modding Dragon's Eye! I successfully beat the whole chapter with my playtesting team. Here are some more screenshots:

    High Ritualist fight:

    Beginning of last Dragon's Eye area:

    (Yuan-ti priests in this area can cause giant snakes to appear at various places in the area. The snakes stay for 5 rounds, then they disappear until another yuan-ti priest calls them.)

    High Baptist fight:

    (Histachiis can cast Vipergout (like the Icewind Dale 2 spell), so they will generate a lot of snakes if not killed quickly.)

    Yxunomei fight:

    (Yxunomei is very powerful and very high level (level 26/22/28 fighter/mage/cleric). However, I purposely made her spell selection less dangerous than it could have been. Rather than casting spells like Dragon's Breath and Horrid Wilting, she casts spells like Symbol of Pain, Destruction, and Power Word, Blind. I managed to beat Yxunomei with my playtesting team.)

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    edited May 2018
    Neo-Orogs are no longer easy trash mobs.

    (What kind of spell would you EXPECT a Neo-Orog Avenger to cast?)

    (The orog used Critical Strike earlier; that's why it got all those critical hits.)

    Yet they're still beatable (I already cleared Kuldahar of them with the team; I just loaded an earlier save to revisit the battle).

  • VoytazVoytaz Member Posts: 25
    You think it's going to be possible to beat this solo starting at 1st lvl and on Heart of the Fury? Looking at that Yxunomei (which is already the hardest battle for me in entire Icewind Dale) it's going to be tough. I doubt I will be near her level at this point in game, and I plan to make a character with the same class as her.

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    @Voytaz I have no idea if it's possible because I didn't intend the mod to be played on the game's actual Heart of Fury mode. My playtesting team is going through the game on Insane.

    Based on the experience my party had before the Yxunomei battle, I calculated that you would be level 14/14/14 by the Yxunomei battle if you were soloing with a fighter/mage/cleric on Insane. If you were playing on the game's actual Heart of Fury mode, you'd be even higher level.

    Don't worry too much about how high level your opponents are. Remember Silke from Baldur's Gate 1? She's a level 10 bard who you can fight at a time when your team is only level 1-2. Yet she's still a fair fight at those levels.

  • Tartle_WizardTartle_Wizard Member Posts: 10
    Wow this looks really, really great. Good work. I'm looking forward to this.

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    edited June 2018
    Severed Hand screenshots:

    (the reason there are all those non-shadowed Goblin Elites is because the shadowed goblin archers fire Goblin Arrows)

    (Shadowed Orc Priests summon skeleton archers that fire Snilloc's Snowball Swarm arrows.)

    (Thankfully, those skeleton archers only have 8 hit points)

    (Armored Skeletons wield Mordenkainen's Sword permanently. They're immune to slashing damage, but they take extra damage from fire, electricity, acid, and magic damage.)

    (I thought that Golem Improved Haste was the most fitting ability for a mithril golem. Golem Improved Haste is also an area of effect ability, so when one of these golems is fighting alongside shadowed elves it will give them all improved haste.)

    I haven't been working on this mod as much. The reason is that I joined a team helping @semiticgod produce the next version of the Icewind Dale 2 SemiOverhaul mod (it's going to be a very big update). I've been alternating between working on that and working on this.

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  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    edited June 2018
    More Severed Hand screenshots:

    Shadowed elves:

    (Shadowed elves wield +5 equipment and are level 18 or higher. They're like the Spectral Guards from Trials of the Luremaster except worse.)

    (The good news is that most shadowed elves have crappy saves. Although most enemies in this mod have better saves than they do in the unmodded game, shadowed elven swordsmen and archers actually have worse saves.)

    (The enemy archers all have swords equipped because my druid has Entropy Shield up, which grants complete immunity to missile attacks. I've improved the AI of enemies here and there.)

    Solonor Tower, in which every enemy is a high level cleric:

    More undead:

    (Bladed Skeletons have a permanent Blade Barrier and can move around despite it. Greater Shadows can cast Mass Enfeeble, which sets everyone's Strength to 6.)

    By this point my playtesting team is really powerful, due to the additional experience and significantly stronger items. Lannara (the character with the top portrait in the screenshots) currently has -19 AC without any buffs. Yet the team still gets killed a lot.

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  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 279
    More. Please. Thank you. Need.

  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 279
    I have waited patiently one full minute. Is ready now?

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    @RVNS Sorry, but you're going to have to wait quite a few more minutes. ;)

  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 279
    @OlvynChuru will there be any changes to classes?

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    edited July 2018
    @RVNS Possibly. If so, they'll probably be in a separate component.

    I'm more inclined to modify kits than classes. One change I'm considering is to make it so that Inquisitor Dispel Magic has a 100% chance of dispelling. In Baldur's Gate 2, Inquisitor Dispel Magic was a stronger version of the regular Dispel Magic, but in Icewind Dale, it's a weaker version, because the regular Dispel Magic always dispels successfully in this game.

    I've designed the enemy spellcasters in the mod around the fact that a single Dispel Magic can dispel almost all of their spells (except for BG2 spell protections like Spell Turning). Enemy spellcasters usually fight alongside other dangerous enemies, so simply sending a party member to cast Dispel Magic on them often results in that party member quickly being shot dead. Spellcasters are usually in the back of a group of enemies, so it's hard to get to them quickly unless you have your party sneak in and assassinate them. And of course, I sometimes put multiple powerful spellcasters in an encounter, so dispelling and killing one of them will not win you the fight (contrast this with Baldur's Gate 2, where powerful mages often fight the party solo, so if you cripple the mage, you win the fight very easily).

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  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    edited July 2018
    Dorn's Deep screenshots:

    The orog welcoming committee:

    (Neo-Orog Generals have auras that greatly strengthen their allies. Other enemies earlier in the game, such as Undead Lieutenants, have similar auras.)


    (In addition to firing spores at the party, myconids also use buffing spore abilities on each other. Among the other buffs include: Luck Spores (+10 luck), Strength Spores (Strength set to 25), and Improved Invisibility Spores.)


    (Although most enemies in this mod have fewer hit points than they do on Heart of Fury mode, ettins and other giants have even more hit points in this mod than in HoF. Ettins in particular have 600 hit points. They also throw rocks at you, they automatically get critical hits on each attack, and they knock you back with each hit (like Wing Buffet). However, they're also vulnerable to physical damage, so I had my druid unload the Spike Growths while my warriors killed the ettins with missile weapons. Summoned creatures and characters with Stoneskin served as meatshields to absorb the boulders.)

    I also put some new enemies in.

    (There are Huge Hook Horrors hidden throughout the area, which will appear occasionally to ambush the party. Their attacks have really long range. I was considering giving them Greater Whirlwind Attack but that would probably be too cruel.)

    And that's all just the first two areas.

  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 279
    Do you plan to also extend this to heart of winter/trials of the luremaster?

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    RVNS said:

    Do you plan to also extend this to heart of winter/trials of the luremaster?

    Oh yes!

  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 279
  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    edited October 2018
    Hi everyone, I'm still going strong. Currently I'm working on Chapter 5.

    More Dorn's Deep screenshots:

    (Dorn's Deep is the point where enemy mages start to become more min-maxed. This is the first chapter in which an enemy casts Horrid Wilting, despite the fact that there have been plenty of high-level mages earlier on.)

    (The drow in Upper Dorn's Deep have special drow items that disintegrate once you leave Upper Dorn's Deep. The drow items are really, really good. The catch is that the drow use these items against you.)

    Wyrm's Tooth:

    (Bring cold resistance.)

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  • FylFyl Member Posts: 62
    HoF mode isnt that bad with a team of casters.... you actually get good mileage out of spells you'd otherwise probably never use, and learn to utilize character and summon resistances while pelting the area with AoE spells

  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 279
    *presses face to the glass*

  • vitalytordekvitalytordek Member Posts: 11
    Well, sir, I've conquered IWD maybe 4 to 5 times, including 2 times HoF. But what I see is making me utterly desiring to do it one (one two) more times.

    Looking forward to play your awesome MOD!

  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 279
  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,296
    edited August 2018
    More Chapter 6 screenshots:

    Boneguard Skeletons:

    (These undead turn the living.)


    (I intended the fight with Malavon to be sort of the ultimate mage fight in the game. Malavon is a level 40 mage. His spell Malavon's Duplication, based off of the Planescape Torment spell Enoll Eva's Duplication, lets him cast his spells twice. Of course, once you manage to remove his defenses, your warriors can kill him in seconds.)

    (During the fight with Malavon, you also fight Malavon's "apprentice" Ilair, who is a level 30 mage. Ilair originally appeared if you fought Malavon on a harder difficulty in the original, pre-EE game with Heart of Winter installed. However, he doesn't appear in the Enhanced Edition, regardless of the difficulty. I put him in the game again.)

    (This is what happens when you're fighting a mage who can cast summoning spells twice, and a mage who has multiple contingencies and sequencers loaded with summoning spells.)

    (As you can see, I also empowered Energy Drain a lot. I'm probably going to put spell changes in a separate component, since they aren't the main feature of this mod.)

    The first showdown with Poquelin:

    (Devil Shades are like the Devil Shades from Throne of Bhaal except much tougher (they have 6 attacks per round and drain five levels per hit). Greater Earth Elementals are like Ogremoch except slightly weaker.)

    (In the regular game, this battle is really easy. I ended up making it very difficult. There are a lot of enemies, almost all of which are very dangerous. On some attempts, my team got killed before Poquelin's invincibility wore off.)

    By the time my playtesting team confronted Poquelin, each character had a little over 5000000 experience. The single-classed characters were almost max level.

  • vitalytordekvitalytordek Member Posts: 11
    Whoa... True epic mage encounters. What I really miss in IWD compared to BG2!

  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 279
    Soooo... When you finish the original game is it going to be open for testing or are you going to wait until after heart of winter and trials before you open it to the player base?

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