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Amulet Quest for Mizhena - Can't seem to find it!

Hi All,

Mizhena has given me a quest "Mizenha's Amulet" to find an amulet she lost and I'm really struggling (I'd like to complete for completeness - because it makes me happy *grin*).

We're in the Troll's Claw Woods and I just broke the siege (haven't yet gone to the bridge). I went back to the Camp in Troll's Claw Woods and had a chat with her about various topics and then she dropped a quest on me. I was a bit surprised as I thought I'd cleared the TC Woods - but went looking. No sign of any Amulet anywhere (she says it's a wooden amulet or something.

The quest text in my quests log reads:
"Mizhena's Amulet
I can look for Mizenha's Amulet in the woods near the Coalition Camp"

Does anyone know anything about this? (I did a bit of Googling and can't find a peep about it)

Appreciate any hints (or at this point an outright spoiler would do - I spent an hour on this last night).



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