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Intel Crashes, 3 month passed and still not fixed.

h3x4h3x4 Member Posts: 9
edited June 14 in Technical Support
I was excited to buy NWN:EE and play on my laptop. Now I can't do it due to Intel card crash bug , and I cannot play with my friends on Arelith for three month now
Crash on Intel integrated cards is a serious issue, which I am sure affects a lot of users. I do not understand why it hasn't been resolved yet? I mean Jewish saying "If a problem can be solved by money it is not a problem", meaning beamdog isn't very well motivated to fix it.

I honestly think intel users - consumers, that do have same issue should be compensated because it is Beamdogs fault that they cannot play on their favorite multiplayer servers since everyone moved to NWN:EE.

Please give it a thought Beamdog, because after three month things like "we are working on it with Intel engineers" starts to lose its weight as an excuse for such serious issue.


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