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(Bug) Elf Charm Resistance

ashingdaashingda Member Posts: 26
edited July 2018 in Troubleshooting
The Elf resistance itself works however while using abilities, spells, or items it interferes with the expected outcome. Like many other folks while passing by the shore area with the lighthouse and encountering sirens I also notice my characters who was suppose to be immune to charm would end up getting charmed. Upon a few tests I figured out the culprit.

- Have 3 characters Human | elf | half-elf.
- Have them all be Berserkers.
- Have "Helm06" with charm immunity.
- Have 10 "SIL" on standby.

[Testing Results]

- Using None: 0%
- Using Helm: 100%
- Using Enrage: 100%

- Using None: High
- Using Helm: High
- Using Enrage: High
- Using Helm+Enrage: Very high

- Using None: Low
- Using Helm: Low
- Using Enrage: Low
- Using Helm+Enrage: High

I'm not exactly sure what's going on but it seems the Elf resistance reduces the item and ability resistance separately. At first I thought the Elf resistance just overrides all charm pass but when using both the helm and enrage together the resistance greatly increases which would mean the charm passes through 2 reduced resistance.

So no matter how high an Elf's charm resistance, they'll never be immune to it. I've tried modifying the eff, the helm and enrage but with no changes. Anyone have any idea of a solution?

Found a solution. For those who are currently using 2.3 and want a functioning Charm/Sleep resistance the attached is a pack of charm/sleep spells ripped from 2.5 beta.

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