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The New Emote animations card discussion

JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 18,704

What would the NWN community like to see for new emote animations?

Please, provide your feedback in this thread.


  • DerpCityDerpCity Member, Moderator Posts: 278
    edited July 2018
    Various different dancing animations, both looping and non-looping, so you can be the life of the party. Just like the Spasm animation, almost all creatures should have dances to their name. The badger doesn't need it, but you better get me a dancing beholder. I don't even know how that would work, but that's why I'm not an animator.

    Also, these probably don't fall under "emotes", but it'd be cool if there were animations that require a partner. In the case of my suggestion above, this could include dances that need a partner. While I'm at it, almost all creatures that represent humanoids should be able to dance with members of their own race and with the PC races. If you can't dance with a Minotaur, how can you possibly expect to make a module based on the Beauty and the Beast?

    Granted, I'm certain this suggestion, particularly the second half of it, would kill the animators working on it, but it's just an idea. :wink:

  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 479
    edited July 2018
    Presumably any new animations would also be available to NPCs?

    More variety when sitting would be nice - drinking, reading, writing, laughing, talking forcefully, card playing etc.

  • GM_ODAGM_ODA Member Posts: 168
    many more ... rolling on ground (as if to put out fire), floating swimming animation (backstroke or other AT water surface), crawling on hands/knees, belly-crawl, mad-arm-flailing (for use with fear flight actions or insect attacks), stagger-walk where PC cannot move reliably in one direction and running results in faceplant, trip, jump, swing-on-rope, climb rope or wall, kick / foot-skuff (as if kick tire), shrug/clueless, point, cross arms on chest, arms akimbo, headache/overwhelm/clutch head. That's all for now. :smiley:

  • VerilazicVerilazic Member Posts: 20
    I agree that some sort of framework supporting paired animations between two entities would be incredible in the long run. And some sort of system supporting having multiple possible animations for a single action (i.e. Proleric's request for more variety). Deep in the wishful part of the wish list would be some sort of tool to make it easier for people to create their own animations, but I suspect that would be pretty high level of effort to build. I'm hoping the first two suggestions are doable though.

    As for specific animations, dancing, more variety with casting, and more talking-related animations would all be great.

  • VerilazicVerilazic Member Posts: 20
    Also, it would help to post a link to this thread on the Trello card like with the other ones that were moved to the roadmap board.

  • JFKJFK Member Posts: 178
    edited July 2018
    I'm not certain if by 'emote', everyone means the same thing. To me, an emote is something rather short of a full, new animation, and is designed to show or convey an emotion or flavor rather than a complete and complex action. But, I am likely wrong, and today's use simply means an animation.
    From my ancient days in MUDs, example emotes would be "wink", "chuckle", "tongue", "sneeze", etc., which would, in order, cause the pc to wink, chuckle, stick his or her tongue out, and sneeze.

    Obviously, MUDs are text, not graphical, and to convey this 'emote' requires (I suppose) an animation regardless. (although a bit of flavor text goes a LONG way, to me: sneezes = "Aragnosh suddenly sneezes, loudly.")

    For animations though, I'd like to see things such as digging, carrying (over one shoulder, in both arms), pushing, pulling, fishing, forging, chopping (not the same as an attack animation for either of those), walking with a cane, pouring.



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 18,704
    The link to this thread is added.

    Thanks for the feedback, we're looking to additional ideas from the community.

  • Palm Slap to Forehead Emote
    Hands on Hips while shaking head in dismay emote
    Kicking at rocks in frustration emote

  • tfoxtfox Member Posts: 86
    Would love an awkward/sheepish reaching back and rubbing the back of the neck emote.
    Also would love a brief thoughtful chin rub emote.

  • JFKJFK Member Posts: 178
    More animations for NPCs, such as using a saw, splitting wood, pulling a rope, string, bellpull, turning a wheel (ship's or otherwise), tying a package, flapping (sheets, clothes, rugs, etc.), cutting food on a table.

    Oh, and spitting. ;)


  • ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 8,263
    How about some inspiration from... Neverwinter?

    I'll watch the video and pick my favorites.

  • ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 8,263
    Air Guitar, Blow Kiss, Bow, Cheer, Cheer Happy, Dance Seductive, Dance Snake, Dance Two Step, Dance Wave, Zombie, Evil Laugh, Jumping Jacks, Push Ups, Stretch

  • KendaricKendaric Member Posts: 6
    I'd love to see more looping animations like crouching, crossing arms, pondering/holding chin. While those exist in haks, I think having them added as official emotes would be beneficial.

  • GM_ODAGM_ODA Member Posts: 168
    DerpCity said:

    ... The badger doesn't need it, but you better get me a dancing beholder. I don't even know how that would work, but that's why I'm not an animator.

    LOL - I agree with you about dance moves being needed. don't worry about the Beholder so much, it is not about where your feet go in such cases, it's all about eye contact. *snickers*

    Seriously though, YES some dances, with the ability to link partners, a lead being selected maybe with the other dancing opposite it, and a entourage dance mode too where all face same way and ape the leader?

    We have done a good bit with emotes - one of my pet peeves is the audio triggered for sneeze seems to alternate between cough and sneeze. If that could be sorted out it would be really nice (we have coughs triggered in our custom smokebomb visual aoe). :)

    We do a lot of action oriented things on our server - fly, swim, jump, swing on rope/vines, climb (ropes and trees) - animations would help in these cases... also crawling.

    KUDOS for all the good suggestions in this thread!

  • Gribo2Gribo2 Member Posts: 17
    Since animating for NWN1 is pretty straight forward, I would like to see more nodes in the base skeletons. NWN2 has cloaks and wings. NWN1 has plank cloaks.

  • DrakonDrakon Member Posts: 42
    Some animation examples from the nwnic project for inspiration:

  • NeverwinterWightsNeverwinterWights Member Posts: 207
    Mining, smithing/hammering, chop tree/chop wood, fishing, tanning, instrument playing (lute, drum, piano, violin), swimming, flying, floating. Maybe these are just animations and not necessarily "emotes". But we sure as heck need 'em.

  • Pixel_MayhemPixel_Mayhem Member Posts: 61
    Maybe the most important emote ever is.... Wait for it..... The "Fish slap" emote :D

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