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tbone1tbone1 Member Posts: 1,996
Okay, I'm back after a few months' hiatus.

First, the good news. My scans came back yesterday. So my cancer still hasn't spread after six years (to the week) of first detection. That puts me in the lucky 20%.

Second, the bad news. I have been in very bad shape lately. A bout of shingles wiped me out, but nearly three months later, I haven't gotten back to my previous (horrid) fatigue level. My sense of balance is bad; I've fallen twice in the last two weeks. I also have strange things going on physically, but no one knows what it is. To give you some idea, I am getting an MRI on my brain later this week.

And there are so many problems outside of my health that I won't go into, but hey, I have 2.5 on my iPad, so things could be far worse!



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