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basic item changes to make multi play through s less annoying.

DarkmaekoDarkmaeko Member Posts: 60
all potions / wands no longer have charges aka you only need 1 per tune so you dont need to carry the world around with you... got sick of having an entire inventory of pots on each char and not being able to move due to pots.some basic item upgrades some from bg2 like the big metal unit but changed to werewolf so u dont have to take the armor off all the time to fit through doors and able to cast. one of the +5 wants from the game that was unused re worked it for magic missile wands. removed fear from duralags goblet it was rather pointless being as ring of free action negates it. or other fear ward items etc but healing potions are a very small portion of the game and being as u can only use potions on a cool down and your already poping str pots etc etc etc very minor change. horn of kazrogoth removed the charges from it very good item but it deals dmg to you pentaly anuf for the bonus its giving u so having it dis pear is annoying wasn't a big fan of charges in general u find something good u want to make use of it. most of the images speak for them selves.



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