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Cleric Holy Symbol

This is my first time playing through BG2EE with a high level cleric. (I'm a longtime BG player but new to the EE series.) One of my characters (from MP, not Charname) is a L9 Berserker dual classed to a cleric (no kit). When he hit cleric 25, he received a Holy Symbol of Helm, which he cannot equip since his alignment is (and has always been) CG. Has anyone else had this happen? I guess I'll console in the Lathander symbol, which he should have received. Other than having XP cap removed, I'm not running any mods. (Yet.)

(It's a real fun run btw. Charname is an Inquisitor and the third character is L6 swashbuckler dualed to a mage. Now in the Underdark, and the trio is mowing down everything so far.)



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