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20 new achievements for 20th anniversary!

So in stream couple weeks ago Trent mentioned about doing something special for upcoming anniversary, and adding 20 new achievements is (maybe) on the table

So here are my ideas, maybe some of them are not completely terrible :D

1. "Dont poke Drizzt" - kill Drizzt (I'm suprissed it's not actually an achievement)
2. Save Drizzt.
3. "Head hunter" - deliver 100 scalps from bandits.
4. I have no strong feelings one way or the other" - have full party of neutral characters (it's a reference to futurama)
5. "Traveler" - visit every location
6. Save miner Beldin - it's quite hard but possible, check this out:
(or just have Kivan in your team, he will save him automatically)
7. Golden Pantaloons - keep them for entire game (I'm also surprised it's not achievement yet)
8. "Iron crisis" - lost normal weapon due to iron crisis.
9. "TheGreatGonzo" - finish Melicamp Quest (talking chicken)
10. "Blackmailer" - blackmail Elkart in BG (you need to have Eldoth and Skie in your team)
11. "No rest for the wicked" - finish game without resting (could be a real challenge)
12. "In Balduran's Image" - same achievement like in BG2:EE (have all Baldurian things on you)
13. Wear 4 cursed items at once (could be more, but I'm not sure how much is max)
14. Thief guild quest.
15. Achievement for finishin Werewolf island would be nice.
16. "Great Hunter" - get reward for wyvern head, white wolf pelt, and Ankheg skin
17. "Alveus Malcanter" - finish game as 1st level mage.
18. Safana's Treasure Hunt achievement.
19. Children of Waukeen - accumulate 500 000 gold
20. "Arcanum" - find and use all tomes of knowledge
21. "Don't believe his lies" - listen to Sarevok in Candlekeep and kill leaders of Iron Throne.
22. "Vampire sword" - get magical sword from Ulcaster
23. "Why so serious?" - have party of mad people (Tiax, Xzar and Minsc)
24. "Problems in paradise" - have party conflict (fight)
25. "Are You Not Entertained?" - finish The Black Pits



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