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Going (almost) directly to Spellhold so Imoen can be in party sooner. Thoughts?

Hi there
I was thinking of running a party composed by Charname (Half orc Fighter/Thief) , Minsc, Skie (From Cost of a Soul mod) , Viconia and Yoshimo (temporarily, as you know). I know that I lack an arcane spellcaster and I've got a lot of thieves , but I really want Skie in the party and I I'm used to making thieves more useful by giving them stuff like elemental arrows and potions to increase their effectiveness in direct combat. I'm also leaving a sixth slot for NPC quests (Nalia, Valygar etc).

However, I feel that I might get a bit frustrated doing all Chapter 2 (completionist here) without a wizard, so I though of picking Imoen a bit earlier . I think I'll do the thief stronghold quest (and maybe a sidequest or two) and go straight to chapter 3 + spellhold so I can have Imoen back quicker.

Question: Is there any mod that adds more comments from Imoen during all CH2 quests? From an RP point of view I'll just headcanon that we really don't know where the Rhynn Lantorn is , so we'll keep doing quests till we find it, but I'd really like to do it alonside Imoen.


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