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(BUG) Saving the game at a random moment deleted saved game.

I don't know if that as been reported, but if it already has been then ignore this one.

System: Windows 7 Pro 64bit, I5-4690K, 32 GB, GTX980 ti

So I started playing the original campaign just for kicks and it also as been a long time. So there I was on my last quests of chapter one in "Blacklake". I headed for the "Zoo", paid my gold coin, as I past the guard I decided to turn left in this "cul de sac" free space to save my game and quit for the evening.

Now when I clicked "Save", I got the "Buzy" cursor and the game stopped responding. After forcefully closing the game and restarting it to check on my save... well not only did it not save, but my saved game was gone! *Poof* just like that. Well that sucks after putting in a few hours of play just so that in the end, it was pointless.

Check it out. I don't have anymore information/DATA/screens. Do with the info what you will, but I'm not registering to yet another website to report bugs.


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