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How do I learn to create (or find) my own custom AI scripts?

Playstation420Playstation420 Member Posts: 18
Is there an AI script editor because I couldn't find one. If not I am willing to watch or read any video or text tutorials required to make my own (keep in mind I have no programming experience). Also, are there scripts made by others that I can download?

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  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,549
    Hi @Playstation420,

    As far as an editor goes, NearInfintiy allows you to view and edit current scripts, so I would expect that you could also create from new... Not much of a script editor myself but have seemed to be able to find my way around.

    The script guide I have been looking at to 'find' my way is this one.

    @sarevok57 has some great scripts that you might want to use.

    I also found these but haven't used them in game, just looked at them for context. There are also some simple scripts (thief, bard, cleric) imbedded into a mod (aTweaks) that you could also look at. Not aware of any video help.

    Hope it helps and look forward to seeing your work in play!

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,563
    for the scripts that i made, i used near infinity to do so, you can get ideas on how to make your own character scripts by looking at the premade game ones and just going from that ( plus having EE keeper helps so then you can quickly find the script name of spells/abilities and such )

  • RahonaOstrimoRahonaOstrimo Member Posts: 17
    Hi, thanks for the different references. Is there a way to make the character pickup items automatically? So i can simplify the loot process :)

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,728
    @Gusinda @sarevok57 thank you, is a long time that i am dreaming about writing my own scripts as i find that the in game ones are not up to the micromanagement level i use and many times detrimental, as in my tactics the toons have to attack, cast and move in a precise and coordinated way, having a mage automatically put on a protection can be having what he is supposed to do delayed a full round and a protection less when it is really needed if the automatic one is expired.
    you gave me a good starting point, even if i am lately so lazy that i am not sure i will write my custom scripts.

    @RahonaOstrimo the inventory of the npcs has a limited space and the ones with low str can be slowed or completely blocked carrying too much weight.
    i appreciate the way EE make easy to loot, in the original you had to send a toon to pick the loot from corpses like it now happens for containers. but probably a script that does it automatically can generate more problems then advantages unless is really well written, and i don't know if some functions, like recognizing the weight that a toon can still carry and the weight of the item to loot and determine if is possible to put it in the inventory without consequences are possible to write.
    at least you have to put a condition like if enemies are around don't pick up loot as to have an enemy die and your toon blocked by too much weight is a very possible thing to happen.

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