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A solution for the sound mods in Siege of Dragonspear

PaiN_VIPaiN_VI Member Posts: 28
Hello everyone.

Note 1: My English is not very good. So I apologize for possible mistakes.

Well, I recently discovered a method for using custom soundsets in BG1 with SoD installed. I do not know if anyone already knew this, but I did not find anything related so I'll post here.

The big problem for the soundsets mods in SoD is that they use the CHARSND.2da file of BG1. The CHARSND.2da is the file that lists the sounds of the characters as well as their text references. In BG1 are 28/29 lines with variations of war cries, selection, leader, etc. Already in the SoD were added new soundstes own of the game, those that occupy all spaces of sonos, being in total 48 lines. This generates that message that appears in all soundstes mod "can not append column-wise because there are 48 lines in charsnd.2da but was only given 28 things to append", thanks to incompatibility of lines.

What I did was to adapt SoD's CHARSND to conform to that of BG1. Thus, mods can install their sounds without any incompatibility in the installation and also without any bugs with text and sounds during the game.

Note 2: This affects the dialogs of the new selection sounds that have been added in SoD. So if you use them, I would not recommend using this. I have tested the old sounds, and there are no problems in them. It's just with the new ones that happens.

Hot to install: Place the CHARSND.2da file in your override folder.

Mods tested: IWD and NWN soundsets. Both had no problems during installation and in-game testing.

Note 3: To use any mod in SoD, you must first use modmerge to create a folder for the SoD files. I say this because I am a Steam user, it can vary in other ways.

Any questions or suggestions comment...



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