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Many old mods adapted for BG2EE

deratiseurderatiseur Member Posts: 95
edited August 17 in BGII:EE Mods
I have converted many old BG2 mods to add to them the compatibility with BG2EE

Shops :

- Bolsa add a trader just near Ribald.

- Mortis mini mod: add two traders who sells potions for polymorph the drinker into creatures or undeads.

- Mystigan add a trader in the Government District.

- The Unusual Oddities Shop : add a trader of overpowered items.

- The under-represented item mod, classic from Wesley Weimer, add Conlan (weapons from IWD2 earth of fury mod) to the adventurer mart.

Add-ons to existing shops :

- IWD Item pack add items from IWD2 to Joluv.

- RTT Item Pack add 51 powerfull items to the Ribald's special store after underdark.

Added items in drop / quest / something else :

- Demon Summon Ritual add a special drop (a book for summoning a demon 1x /day) to Tolgerias.

- Earth of the Wood add a special drop (a wand for summoning forest monsters) to Kylan Lind the shadow druid.

- Stuff of the magi add mage items to strong opponents. Wearing all the items cause the creator to come for thems

- The Sword of Noober: Now, talking to Neeber worth it (or not).

Item-upgraders :

- Jan' Alchemy add to Jan the ability to "forge" new potions.

- Nanstein transform the items forged by cromwell into items of over type. now in v2 : corrected (the items have a description) and with 9 (11) new items to transform. (texts and descriptions of the 9 new items only in french, sorry)

- Rolles forge many powerful+ items. Sell "interesting" things.

- Ruad forge 60+ items. Components are rares and hard to collect.

Kits :

- Chanter: (bard) No pickpocket, no arcanic spells. But all divine spells, choise between 6 powerfull chants, casting in armor and immunity to Spellcasting failure, uniques hlas.

- Lion warrior: (ranger) no armor, no archery, grand mastery, +2 spells per spell lvl, minor taco, damage and CA bonus, shapeshift into a powerful lion.

- Morituri: (warrior AND/OR paladin) no magic items except boots and weapons, combined powers of kensaï, monk and barbarian, many immunities and resistances. (Now in V5 with many fixes and engine optimisation.)

- (french only) Pirate kit: (thief) protagonist only. Grand mastery with scimitar, invocations, treasure hunter parrot once a day.

- (french only) Rôdeur de l'ombre: (ranger) stealth bonus per lvl, summon shadows and shadow wolfs, uniques hlas

- (french only) Pretre de Bhaal: (cleric) special habities per day "Chaos", "Fireball" and "Chain lightining", immunity to poison, unique hlas.

- Semi-Multi-Cleric not a kit but really cool for creating unique class combo : add 30+ cleric/druid spells to a mage / sorcerer /bard. And special : added compatibility with IWDEE

mods which add a feature to the game :

- Homeward Bound: Send your allies back to Amn when you are in Brinnlaw or the pocket plane. Recall them in the pocket plane and/or watch their epiloges. Also add a new shop to Brinnlaw.

- Planar Sphere teleporter: Lavok drop an item for returning to the sphere at will. (as the "Pocket Plane ability", but in SOA)

- Ribald's genie: Ribald sell a flute to call a genie. The genie can create a contact or a portal to Ribald, Bernard and a Noble Merchant of trademeet.

- Teleport spell: add a 7th lvl spell for teleporting the party to previous visited areas. Work for TOB areas, but not mods area.


- The Slithering Menace: a quick fight and funny dialogs in the pocket plane if you have Imoen in the party.


- Korgan redemption: Mazzy can change Korgan if they are in the same party

- I have convert these mods because many french translated mods stay for BG2 only, so were no used, and the translators and their work become forgotten. My work made their efforts usefull again :)

- All this mod have: the tp2 file ready for an OSX install, all available fixes included, and the last weidu.

Last edit: ANOTHER NOTE: i'm fed up with these not really necessary requests: no more new conversions for an unspecified time.

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