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NWN:EE Android Beta - Grab it, Play it, Love it, Tell us about it

JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,442
We’re seeking players for the Android Beta of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition! It’s time to step away from your PC, pick up your phone or tablet, and journey through Neverwinter Nights like never before.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition on Google Play includes:

- All the playable content of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. Kingmaker, ShadowGuard, and Witch’s Wake will be made available as free downloads for NWN:EE owners at launch.
- Mobile Features: A new virtual joystick and context-sensitive interaction button makes gameplay easy.
- Improved Display: Featuring a new re-engineered UI for tablet and phone play. Portrait, combat bar, inventory, and other UI elements adjust in size based on device resolution and can be scaled to your liking.
- Backwards Compatibility: Works with save games, modules, and mods from the original Neverwinter Nights.

To access the Android Beta of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition:

1. Open the Google Play Store.
2. At the end of the list where you see “Top charts” and “Games,” tap Early
3. Find Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition.
4. Purchase Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition for Android for $9.99
in order to download the Beta.
5. Tap Install.
6. Follow the onscreen instructions.
7. Launch the app and start playing!

Please share your feedback about the Android Beta of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition in this forum category!



  • aarionnaarionn Member Posts: 94
    Got the e-mail last night inviting me to beta :) Was just before going to bed so I fell asleep while waiting game to download.

    Will give it a try on Galaxy Note 9. I hope there is something I can find how to use screen for a movement as I must admit I never played any mobile game...

  • DordledumDordledum Member Posts: 243
    edited November 2018
    Just wondering, as I never played any beta of any game before. If I buy this version, will it automatically update to the normal (non-beta) game on launch?

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,442
    Dordledum said:

    Just wondering, as I never played any beta of any game before. If I buy this version, will it automatically update to the normal (non-beta) game on launch?

    When you purchase the game on Google Play, you get access to the beta. The game will be yours when it's live.

  • DordledumDordledum Member Posts: 243
    edited November 2018
    Cheers, will probably give it a twirl this weekend.

    I'm going to try it out on an Acer Chromebook if that's of any interest.

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  • anastielanastiel Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 239
    Congratulations on the new port, I'll go shopping today

  • DordledumDordledum Member Posts: 243
    Haha, it was either this or Fallout 76 for me, an easy choice!

  • capricorn1971adcapricorn1971ad Member Posts: 9
    I tried it on a Samsung Galaxyy Tab A (SMT380, I was disappointed with the GOG release which I had and still have trouble with, so i wished to try this thinking maybe i would have better luck, but no, i found it unplayable personally, had to refund it as a person only has 2 hours till they can get a refund.

    in the GOG version something flakes out in the rouge training.

    BUT.. you want first thoughts on the android version, the movement was terrible, the joystick idea isn't working well at all, would be better if it were more like the others in the click to move but then you could change cameras using two fingers to rotate it, and with a submenu on click and hold for skills. something like that would work better, would kind of be halfway baldurs gate halfway shadowgate for control if it were set like that.

    from the moment the first videos came on they kind of stutter just like the GOG PC version videos do.
    i thought that odd.

    ever tried the game shadowgate on android? Now THAT is a "Enhanced Edition". << original game << android version of the redux

    If and when you get this thing (Neverwinter nights EE for android) running good, i would be interested in it.
    Kind of a double edge sword charging people $9.99 for the developer edition and they have 2 hours to refund it therefor you don't get the feedback you need, which means your work takes longer to do.

  • DordledumDordledum Member Posts: 243
    Well, that was short, I wanted to install it on my Chromebook, and I get a ¨this app is incompatible with your device" even before I could purchase it in Google Play.

    Too bad Beamdog, back to BG I guess. :'(:'(

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,442
    @Dordledum It's mentioned on the store page: "This game is optimized for tablets and not recommended for phones with screen sizes under 7 inches. We do not support Chrome OS devices."

    BTW, the same message was added to IE EEs and SoD mobile pages some time ago.

  • DordledumDordledum Member Posts: 243
    That's too bad, especially as SoD and the BG EEs work perfectly on my Chromebook (haven't tried IWD EE yet). Wasn't expecting this.

  • anastielanastiel Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 239
    I just bought, I'll test here.

  • capricorn1971adcapricorn1971ad Member Posts: 9
    edited November 2018
    you know, the PC version actually didn't run well, if that didn't run well you KNOW the tablet version isn't going to, and really between the camera controls (major problem #1) and the multiple (selectable) hotbars ( major problem #2) this game isn't ever going to run well on android i think.

    ever played Imperium Galactica?
    you can get it on the playstore, and at GOG as well.

    on a tablet, in my experience, the right mouse clicks never work after being made to a gesture, and this seems a common thing really.

    for example, in over 20 hours of gameplay in Imperium Galactica I have yet to be able to attack a ship or a planet, I am capable of being attacked and killed though. ruins the game you know. (the camera controls are the right mouse button in NWN)

    the GOG version runs great, i have played the game since the late 90's, but can't win a SINGLE combat on the android version. (after 1000's of combats in the PC version) Think it is because I do not know what I am doing?

    The tablet I was running NWN on was rooted with TWRP and Magisk, just for the record. less than 3 weeks old as well.

    I have bought Neverwinter Nights 3 times now.

    Baldurs gate 3 times
    baldurs gate 2 3 times
    icewind dale 3 times
    planescape torment 3 times


    purchasing it the first time should have been enough right? in all fairness.
    especially when the "Enhanced Edition" runs worse than the original, and looks the same.
    look at the shadowgate thing, consider it really, that was sincere.

    and the bit about charging for the game to help you find problems..
    get real, your charging us to HELP YOU.. that doesn't work.

    and anyone reading this considering such, your being DUPED.

  • capricorn1971adcapricorn1971ad Member Posts: 9
    edited November 2018
    Dordledum said:

    That's too bad, especially as SoD and the BG EEs work perfectly on my Chromebook (haven't tried IWD EE yet). Wasn't expecting this.

    If BG 1 & 2 worked on your chromebook then IWD EE will, so will PST EE.

  • burninbirdburninbird Member Posts: 1
    I just downloaded the game over lunch and played for about an hour on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Below are some comments from playing the prologue:
    • As mentioned, if you switch apps and come back you get a black screen
    • When customizing a character at creation, the clicks don't align with colors on color pallett
    • When selecting an item in inventory, I have to clickhold, drag and drop back in slot to get it to select and turn red if character can't wield. Kinda clunky, but can work around.
    • The tablet becomes much hotter than with any other game I play on it. For comparison, I've played BG1,BG2, Planescape Torments without this heating issue.

  • anastielanastiel Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 239
    edited November 2018
    here I have not had so much trouble on my moto g6 play

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,442
    @burninbird Issues 1, 2 & 4 are known, thanks. Can you please log in a QoL issue 3 as explained here?

  • anastielanastiel Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 239

    Servers for multiplayer.

  • EldionEldion Member Posts: 2
    Please add DM client to official version. I beg you.

  • BenFMBenFM Member Posts: 1
    Hello there,

    First of all I am really excited to play this gem mobile. Good job there.
    So I instantly got it last night and tried it on my Huawei Mate 20 Pro.
    Up to now only a few remarks:
    1. Videos play fluently but relatively small in box format, while the rest works great in full screen mode. At least wide-screen format would be nice.
    2. Controls: Camera turning is quite problematic here, zooming works mostly.
    3. Different location of a pause button would be great, eg. like in BG&BG2

    Anyways :great job and still beta, so looking forward 👍

  • s30perrys30perry Member Posts: 3
    I have a motor z force edition, no where near 7 inch screen and game plays excellent on my phone. As noted by another it does get fairly hot playing for long periods of time, but no severe performance issues. A little weird getting used to to the tap controls but single tap for left mouse, tap and hold for right click works pretty well. Moving with the joystick isn't difficult but you can click to move just like the PC game.
    The only performance issues I've really noted were:
    1. if I have multiple screens open in game, like inventory and character sheet, it bogs down and seems to lag. Same bogging down near large bodies of water like the dock area in peninsula district.
    2. The pathing sometimes doesn't work when trying to move around an object or a doorway, kind of typical.
    3. 3.And today I had a companion abandon me on the 2nd floor of the prison. I followed it through the stairs back up to the first floor, and completely to the other end so it could attempt to bash a chest open? I've never seen a companion go through an area that causes loading screens on it's own before.
    4. Same black screen if moving to a different window on the device.
    5. The color palette for character customization is off screen and the colors don't line up where you would click them.

  • feedernoob1feedernoob1 Member Posts: 5
    Can someone help me on how to use console?

  • ShaidenShaiden Member Posts: 181
    @Feedernoob1 The standard console ~ is disabled due to the nature of the android keyboard. However, you can enter console commands from the standard text chat window by preceding what you enter with "##"

  • ShaidenShaiden Member Posts: 181
    Hi there!
    Just going to quickly respond based on your numbers ;)

    1) We've definitely seen the lag issues with multiple screens open. The bodies of water was questionable but it's good to have some feedback on that issue. If possible, could you file this issue as a bug? Thanks!
    2) Aye, pathfinding has not been changed from the base game
    3) That is... extremely bizzare. Are you able to reproduce this issue?
    4) We've got that one tracking internally! :)
    5) We've got that one too! ^_^

  • s30perrys30perry Member Posts: 3
    edited November 2018
    I will definitely go file it as a bug report.
    Pathfinding issues I know are commonplace, I've played NWN from it's initial release years back, I guess it's part of the nostalgia of it all. As far as the AI issue about the chest bashing, it started as soon as I loaded a save point on my game, every time. So I actually was able to download a screen recorder and upload to YouTube. I will supply the link not sure if it's against the forum rules so if it gets taken down we can figure something else out.

    Thank you.

    Edit: Do we report bugs using redmine?

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,442
    @s30perry There's a sticky right in this forum category about how to report bugs during the beta. Uploading a video is totally fine from the rules standpoint.

  • ShaidenShaiden Member Posts: 181
    ^ As per Julius, instructions for filing bugs on the Android beta is in a stickied thread on this forum. We're not using Redmine for this release.

  • MikeWardDrawsMikeWardDraws Member Posts: 13
    edited November 2018
    Is there a list of known bugs so that I'm not reporting bugs you already know about (skin colour picker, black screen after minimized, etc)? Or would you prefer people reporting the same bugs because it might shed more information or narrow down the culprits?

    The FAQ link on the stickied "Found a Bug? ---" post works good. However if you log into the atlassian portal ( and click the link there it doesn't appear to be working for me.

  • ShaidenShaiden Member Posts: 181
    edited November 2018
    Howdy there @MikeWardDraws !

    In general, it's better to get more bug reports, just in case there's there some kind of edge-case in the bug that we may not notice otherwise.

    However, in the case of the 'known bugs' as above, for the most part, it means that unless you're seeing divergent behavior than is described, you're probably safe not to file anything on it.

    In this initial shakedown run of the builds with all you fine folks, there are a few key issues that we are aware of (ones that you've noted above), but in the future that extent of awareness of issues may drop as we continue to patch / fix issues. We really do appreciate all of you taking the time to try out the game on Mobile, and especially appreciate any bug filed. :)

    I've passed along your note on the FAQ access issue

  • capricorn1971adcapricorn1971ad Member Posts: 9
    edited November 2018
    are you aware that the GOG PC version messes up in rouge training? the original had more in the training, it cuts off in the middle and acts up ever-after rogue training (or it does for me).

    something is off somewhere, lost in conversion.

    rouge training consisted of getting the key and no pickpocketting, the original included pickpocketting.
    i have both the original and the EE at GOG myself so i do know this to be the case.

    with the PC EE being as buggy as it is, the android version is going to be worse.

    the original actually runs better for me, can't see much of a difference between them either.
    any progress is backwards.

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