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Polish fonts problem.

VifurPLVifurPL Member Posts: 22
edited November 2018 in Technical Support

There are problems with polish fonts in chat bar.
There are a few special letters in polish that need a ALT key modifier, like:
ż = ALT + z
ź = ALT + x
ą = ALT + a
ś = ALT + s
ń = ALT + n
ł = ALT + l
ó = ALT + o
ę = ALT + e
ć = ALT + c
And the only one working is ó.

Yes, i have polish language set up for the game and yes, I've got the polish keyboard set up in system settings.

Also, I have the Digital Deluxe version and there was no problem to set up polish language, but my friend bought the standard edition and he can only choose english language. I had to send him my PL language folder package and add it in the .ini file. Can ya fix it?

Help please.


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