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What is the best elemental resistance for your party?

I'm choosing between the various boots and other equipment that have resistance to Fire, Cold, and Electricity, and so of course I'm wondering which one provides the most benefit in the overall campaign. I would guess Fire, just because it seems to be the most common type I encounter, but I could be wrong.

What is the best elemental resistance for your party? 14 votes

thespaceStummvonBordwehr 2 votes
Timbo0o0o0NoonThacoBellNeverusedNervaDaevelonsemiticgodSintrielEnuhalRik_KirtaniyaZaghoulWormking 12 votes


  • EnuhalEnuhal Member Posts: 419
    edited November 24
    Fire is certainly the best in SoD, SoA and ToB, but for BG1, there are a lot of situations where lightning is super dangerous, such as encounters with the Cloakwood Mine mages, Lendarn in the Firewine Dungeon, several traps, the Chessboard at Durlag's etc. I always make sure to equip boots of grounding on my most vulnerable character for that reason (enemy lightning bolts are very unpredictable). Fire is still nice (used by a few spellcasters later in the game, both clerics and some select mages, and there are, of course, fire arrows), but I'd say that lightning might be slightly more important. Things turn around quickly in SoD, though. Since some of the best strategies involve throwing fireballs via necklaces/wands/potions at groups of enemies, having a frontliner with item-based fire immunity or high resistance is very, very useful, and enemy mages will throw fireballs back at you, plus there are some fire based enemies such as mephits, salamanders and elementals in the game. Add to that the burning skeletons and enemies using fire arrows and burning oil (hobgoblin captains do love to throw that), and you have a good reason to incrase fire resistance.

    Cold is really only useful against winter wolves in BG1 early on (where the belt of the antipode negates all difficulties) and at the very end of ToB (for the final boss and some encounters in Watcher's Keep, for example), but that can be easily solved with potions, scrolls and/or spells - but keeping the Boots of the North around for that is still nice.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 7,655
    I'd go fire, as its incredibly common, and some very dangerous enemies use it. Electricity might be the best if focusing only on BG1.

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