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Of Shadowdancing

I want to hear your tips, tricks, experiences and exploits with this class. I have started running one on the premise that a character with the power to become invisible, at will, should be powerful and have many clever applications. So far (in the Vale), the reality has been less than that. Note that I intend to dc my shadowdancer to mage, at a yet-undetermined level over 10. Thoughts on the level to dual are appreciated also. It's a party of 5 on insane (extra XP) with a F/Ill mc, Shapeshifter, R/Cl, and Dragon Disciple.

Here's the issues so far:
1) Damage - a pureclass thief without additional abilities lacks in the damage department. A shadowdancer is arguably worse than a pureclass unkitted thief in this area, because of the lack of set snare and reduced backstab modifier.
2) Hide in Plain Sight - I tried a backstab and HIPS - the backstab worked (but didn't kill the skeleton archer) but I failed to hide three times in succession and then had to run for it. I'm hoping this gets better.
3) Party Role - if only running one thief (which is what I do), the need to put skill points in Hide/Move to use the shadowdancer's abilities properly conflicts with maxing traps and locks.



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