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NWN EE Community Discord

Hey folks!

So many games have a Discord channel for players to voice chat while they play. I did a search on Discord and didn't find one for NWN. I created one so we can start finding adventuring partners and such. Whether you use it for PWs or private games, hopefully it will bring people together for games and servers.

If not....oh well....I tried.

Here is the link:


  • tfoxtfox Member Posts: 87
    Nothing wrong with having your own discord setup, but if you're looking to be apart of the community in one localized place I'd say check out Stillevande's Neverwinter Nights discord channel at

    It has players from all sorts and DM's and chat channels for a great many of the NWN 1.69, NWN2 and NWN:EE servers that are regularly hosted. More then that, a number of Beamdog staff are a part of such.

    The other two big NWN specific discords would be the NWvault one, which is a great place for chatting with custom content creators, showing off your own custom work, asking for help with scripts and the like and the NWNx Discord channel, which has it's own great and helpful community and alot of information can be found there if you were ever considering setting up or hosting your own server with nwnx (or even just having problems setting up a server without nwnx).

    Unfortunately I don't have either of their links on hand but it shouldn't be too difficult to find (The NWNx link is somewhere on this forum and I imagine the NWvault link can be found on the NWvault forums).

    Hopefully this helps.

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