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Need a bit of help deleting a file from a BIF file!

I want to remove the pregenerated default characters that show up in the import character list. I have successfully removed all of the PreGen characters in Misc.bif using WinBiff v1.2.2 in advanced mode without any issues. Now there's only one left and that is the orc shaman named grok which goes by the name 0ASHAMAN.chr under PATCH25.bif and this damned orc scum refuses to die because when attempting to remove his file from PATCH25.bif using WinBiff v1.2.2 Advanced Mode it seemingly hangs indefinitely attempting to remove it and keeps putting information into a Tempfile in the bif data folder until I force kill the program. Normally I'd just let the thing keep going but it has gotten up to 70GB in that temp file before killing the WinBiff program.

I've seen a different solution to delete these from Bif using a weidu.exe and .txt file in a folder and renaming them and executing but this method refuses to work giving permission errors everytime and the folder in question with the text file refuses to add full control permissions under "CREATOR OWNER" which I believe might be the hang up with this method but every time I hit apply with the new permissions it removes the permissions I just set.

It's too bad NearInfinity doesn't allow you to delete files or at least have some sort of option to enable it for advanced users that aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and keep backups.

At least right now the import list isn't so cluttered but the OrcShaman template still being there makes my inner OCD lose its mind like a mentally ill barbarian speaks to critters.

Anyone got any ideas? Whoever succeeds in helping me gets a pair of platinum pantaloons!


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