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[N.P.C. Item Pack] Xan's New Groove! Version 1.0 Release!

WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 816
edited December 2018 in BG:EE Mods
Xan's New Groove is in full swing; quite literally!

This module sets out to make Xan relevant (again) while also properly giving the Non-Player Character a more fleshed out backstory of supporting items and a chance to live out his potential throughout the Original Baldur's Gate!

Xan gets a remastered Moonblade +3 and some new supporting personal magical items that allow him to become a melee wizard right off the bat! The treasure chest in Mulahey's Lair is now jam packed with crucial early game spells that best work for Xan's Enchanter Mage Specialization limited spell pool and new found roll of a blast and slash melee wizard!

There are some extra bonus items added in for that extra level of polish and quality! The Ring of Accurate Striking +1 is a very solid item that can be used by any early game melee character to avoid those frustrating string of low level misses; a great extra value item designed to naturally blend with and enhance the Original Baldur's Gate gameplay experience.

So why not give Xan's New Groove a spin? The module works great with Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition version 2.0+!

Also please feel free to give any feedback; this is my first proper independent content release. Everyone please enjoy my early Christmas gift to the community :-D! Additionally Big Thanks to @Arunsun @CamDawg @Gwendolyne and @AstroBryGuy

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