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Request to Beamdog: Can we have a throwing dagger of returning

So, this is something I've thought of for a while. There were never any magical throwing daggers in BG1 and now none in SOD as far as I can tell (not finished with SOD but the item list looks like all melee). In SOD we got a returning dart on top of their already nice poison and stun variants. While Axe of returning is one of the last magic items in the whole game of BG1 it still is there and there's an upgrade to that to be found in SOD.

The only returning daggers are found in BG2:SOA. Even if it would just be a +1 variant with 1d4 damage I would love to have some sort of returning throwing daggers before SOA as it's the only throwing weapon that forces players to carry hundreds of knives in their pockets for both BG1 and SOD if that's your preferred ranged option. I don't even care if it would just be a +1 variant with nothing more special to it. Preferably somewhere inside BG1 though I wouldn't mind early SOD either. And if this request actually gets noted, please don't stick it inside an NPC quest :smiley: .

Anyone else feel like a magical throwing dagger is dearly missed? I'm surprised one of the EE added items was not a throwing dagger.



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