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Bring back skins of the orginal UI for all EE games

Maybe it is nostalgia but I would love to see UI in its original style. I'm not talking about the improvements, just the style/skin, fonts, colors. I mean gray stone for BG I, brown-like stone in BG II, wood for IWD. Just make it hi-res but bring back the original skin.

Bring back skins of the orginal UI for all EE games 42 votes

SeldarAndreaColomboGrammarsaladSikorskysarevok57lunaragrisdvdbangsrudTimbo0o0o0DJKajuruRaventigerVitorAlexandreJustLeftCajunAznAmmarleeuxRavenslightcobanDanacm 26 votes
AedanJuliusBorisovTressetlegotaksinEugVVlDev6StummvonBordwehrLudwig_IIcarfax19 9 votes
I don't care.
elminstertatokbyrne20DeucetipherH0RSElost1feclar 7 votes


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