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NWN Droid beta incompatible with NWN Win

I just did a both ways transfer of savegames between Win + Droid (quite easy if you know what you're doing)

I'm working on breaking down the SAV so I can work out what's going wrong

Initially I thought endian although ERF / GFF are ALWAYS little endian so scrapped that concept - if it was endian I was just gonna rewrite the SAV for correct endian

The purpose of project this is to apply portraits to (insert RPG)

I've had success on Pillars of Eternity : Deadfire -

That's NOT what I'm after, that was a simple test as I have good relations with the devs @ Obs

So - back to Beamdog

Trent - why can't I use the same SAV on both platforms? I can only imaging that there's a version mismatch, both platforms report 8186. The Droid has a TexMap in place of Portrait.tga and there are less encapsulasions in the Win vs Droid

Finally - EVERY GIT is changed (want some examples?)

I've done some tests on older games - they fail miserably too

I wanna support your products and allow "Cloud Saves"

As you're heading into iOS / Console markets you need a clean solution

Much respect for Niv but his is server-side

Got IWD + BG on iOS so may hit those in a few weeks

As I have no sponsor (I'm cheap + remote) gimme a go (doing POE2 first tho as it's easy)


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