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best party combo and # of members?

Is it best to solo use 6 or 2 or 3 maybe 4 IFK can you help me guys?



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,607
    In pure terms of effectiveness, take one divine caster (cleric more defensive, druid more offensive), one mage, one bard, one thief, and two warrior types.

    I find this to be a very effective combination. Though I usually based my parties around what characters I like the most.

  • SteveRogers41SteveRogers41 Member Posts: 32
    I don't know how anyone can go solo through either Baldur's Gate game. I'd get swarmed in no time. 

  • Oswald81Oswald81 Member Posts: 53
    I don't know how anyone can go solo through either Baldur's Gate game. I'd get swarmed in no time. 
    Thats simple enough, use a level 13/39 kensai/thief, and run away whenever you meet anyone, hide in shadows, sneak up and backstab.  Its dull as hell, but it gets the job done.  Thats the main strategy I see people that solo it does.

  • TorgrimmerTorgrimmer Member Posts: 329
    Skatan said:
    I believe it's hard to say anything is "best". I know, it's a boring answer, but it depends on context; your playstyle of choice, your level of micro, your knowledge of spells, your meta, etc etc.

    If I would have to try to boil it down to the essentials, I'd say that the less detailed knowledge you have, the better it is to bring more people. Personally I think around 4 characters is a good balance between EXP distribution and coverage of all skills, spells and other things you need to fairly easy beat the game's challenges. It can also probably be argued that as long as you have one "open" slot to rotate in NPCs to get their personal quests, you will maximize the EXP gains for your chosen 5 (or less) primary characters.

    If you provide more info about how you prefer to play, we as a community can probably better provide you with replies and advice @ShadowKnight
    The new Mod has spoken, Gratz on the Promo my friend.

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  • SteveRogers41SteveRogers41 Member Posts: 32
    Personally, I always use a party of 6, usually with a specific formula in mind. I like to have two warriors (fighters, rangers, paladins) fighting on the frontlines, an offensive spellcaster (bards, mages, sorcerers), a defensive spellcaster (clerics, druids) and one ranged character (thieves, rangers). The sixth slot is up for grabs.

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  • Oswald81Oswald81 Member Posts: 53
    I personally like a buffer or two as a priest or cleric.  The tandem of mages is good in case something goes awry with my plan or somethin else fails, the brace of fighters is a must though I must admit I mostly like sending in a wave of like summons first and pelt at a distance, but thats not always an option like in the final fight with Amellysian and that hard fight when you enter Yaga Shura's lair.  And I don't want that cheesy retreat when they start casting the spells.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,133

    for new players, i would say 6 is the best, the game is designed for six characters, plus that just gives more room for banters and the such if you are into that sort of thing

    next, for your character, the game really favors you being some king of melee warrior: ( fighter/ranger/paladin or a kit of one of those )

    so if you go as a melee warrior and good/neutral is the alignment you are choosing then the next 5 best compadres would be as follows:




    yoshimo or jan then switch to imoen when you find her


    that is probably the "best" good aligned team especially if your chum is a warrior type

    but if evil is your thing, with again being a warrior type then the team combo you could go with ( actually the only one you can go with basically ):






    now you have to be careful with the evil team because they don't like having high REP and viconia and dorn are going to make your REP drop hard, so it could be the bumpy path indeed, but on the flip side, if you can survive all the turmoil you are going to get into, then it can be quite rewarding based on some items that you will get

    now for absolute best of the best again if you were a warrior you could go:






    all of these characters are amazing in their fields, and they do what they need to do well, the only problem being is that you are mixing good and evil characters together, so you will have to watch your REP and make sure it doesnt hit 18, or go below 3 or lower, it can be done if you truly wish it, i've done it before so it is possible

  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 468
    edited February 2019
    Don’t forget Jaheira. With a strength belt she is an awesome fighter, she can disrupt with insects (Mummy style), she can heal and resurrect and she is a great tank with Iron Skins. She also gets excellent high level abilities (unlike Ano who doesn’t keep up)

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  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,595
    edited February 2019
    charname F/M gnome
    so a gnome themed one, as every toon is somehow gnome related.
    being gnome gives to 2 party members 1 more spell/level, thing that is useful trough the whole saga and very important at high levels as 3 lev 9 spells instead of the 2 other multi get allow some really powerful combinations.
    as imoen will not be in the party for a big chunk of soa the other 3, being multi, will gain xp in each class at the rate of a single class toon. being herself basically a single class mage, with some basic level of thief, she will catch up fast and will be ready to show the full power of a high level mage right when the spells needed will become available.
    EDIT: pro tip, avoid to get the rewards of the chap 2 quests in chap 2 if possible to get them when immi is with you and she will be ready even faster. end of EDIT
    how imoen is gnome related? isn't she your sister? boy/girl, you are a gnome, act accordingly, be smart and avoid stupid questions :D

    small party, so fast leveling and easy micromanagement, utter protection as all the members can use arcane spells and a cleric is there, very strong on spellcasting, up to 4 spells/round before IA, and 3 of them if properly buffed and used can be really mlee effective, at high level if needed they can even duplicate themselves using simulacrum to have 6 fighters on the field, place for 2 more summons left, let's say a planetar and a skelly to suck enemy magic and to act as cannon fodder.

    surely this is not a newbie friendly party, but a new player trying it will be forced to learn arcane and divine magic, how to buff, how to use a thief at his full potential and how to use potions and items to protect and improve the party.
    the fact that used in a point and click way this party uses only the 10% of its real potential is both a reason for a newbie to avoid it or to force himself to use it and learn much faster how to play the game.
    at tob level there is an other useful member to recruit, maybe to dual him as mage to keep the all arcane casters feeling and protection capability, i don't spoil more about "voldemort"...

    jaheira, having ironskins, fits well with this party and adds a lot of mlee capability and some powerful spells, mainly the insect ones and the gating of elemental princes, that can be summoned at the same time of the planetar, while the deva can not.
    she will slow to some extent the level growing of the party
    both before imoen is rescued and after as immy will catch up slower in a party of 5
    but is a price that must be payed to have her with you.
    the main reason to not take her is that the more party members there are the more complicated and annoying is to micromanage. she is also not gnome related, if you don't romance her. for me is better without, but for a newbie can be helpful and with her all the magic can be fully explored.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,595
    ilduderino wrote: »
    She also gets excellent high level abilities (unlike Ano who doesn’t keep up)
    surely cleric hla are underwhelming compared to the ones of a F/D, you are completely right about it.
    but even if it is true imho anomen will keep up without any problem, even if he is dualed at low fighter level.
    why? simple answer, he is a cleric and as early dual will be only little behind a pure class one.
    so he will be, in his own clerical way, a much better divine caster than jaheira, his dispel magic will work, not well as the one of an inquisitor, but it will work, his animate dead will give the skeleton warrior much earlier then the one of a multi that takes forever to reach the needed level, every protective spell whose duration is related to level will work better and so on. he will have no insect spells, this is sure, but he will be a strong caster.

    mlee wise also his fast growing in cleric levels matters as he has 3 wonderful spells he can use, used in this exact order
    1. holy power. he gets the same thac0 of a fighter of the same level of his cleric one and 1 hp/level up to 20. he gets also 18.00 str but in his case is not relevant as he has already good str.
    2. righteous magic. an other hp/level and +1 str every 3 levels up to +6 str at lev 20, this brings his str at 24 without items, 25 as he gets his cleric ring. he also gains a long lasting kai effect, every dmg roll is automatically maxed, and if someone does not play on easy settings it makes a difference.
    3. draw upon holy might. last cause its duration is the shortest, but is a cheap and fast to cast lev 2 spell so can be cast again while in battle if it expires, str con and dex raised of 1 point every 3 levels. super constitution for more hp, low dex problem solved without using the gloves, so an other npc can use them while ano use some others that further boost his dmg and thac0. str bonus is not needed at high level but really useful to reach 25 str at medium level.
    so he gets up to 40 more hp on top of the ones given by the con bonus, he gets quite early the +7 thac0 and +14 dmg by having 25 str without items.
    he can reach gm in flails and put enough pips in dw to be effective doing it, with the bonuses of str and gm he does not need all the 3 pips, aerie buffed this way is quite effective even in tob with her 1 pip in dw and 1 pip in weapon...

    he can use the combination of foa and doe to have one of the best damaging weapons that also slow enemies and a weapon that grants him damage reduction, that can be stacked with the one from armor of faith to have his improved hp pool last even longer, at lev 20 cleric he has 45% of damage resisted. this compensates the lack of the ironskins, at the end they can take similar number of hits before their hp is completely eroded.

    apr wise he will be same as jaheira as the gm compensate for the lack of lev 13, but he will miss 1 apr if she dw belm in oh. but thac0 and dmg/hit wise he will far superior to the multi fighter druid every time he buffs, and he can buff for every tough battle.

    i am not saying that anomen is better than jahera, they are both very strong, each one in is own, but he perfectly keeps up. and to have both in the party is even better as they use different type of gear, different weapons and different boosting gear, jaheira needs str enhancing items while anomen reaches 25 str without. they can be both competent fighters, as he buffed is superior but she uses +1 apr weapon and has gww and critical hit, they both are outstanding divine casters, he for his level and she cause druid magic is crazy good.

  • PraxPrax Member Posts: 8
    I enjoy 4-person parties. Gives variety and interest without too much micromanagement.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,595
    edited March 2019
    as long as it has a couple of arcane casters, a divine caster, a thief and a couple of fighters a party is set to go. so why not fmt + fmc?
    also fmc + jan or fmt + aerie should work well.
    i find the 2 people party concept very interesting if done this way as share many characteristics of a solo, but has a lot more versatility.
    it gives you the freedom to fight the same battle in many ways.

    i should try a run with fmt+aerie, right now i am thinking at what they can do in the hard battles of tob.
    aerie buffed, with 4 apr, 25 str and fighter's thac0, her simulacrum shapeshifted into golem and the fmt's simulacrum backstabbing like crazy thank to the bbod scroll and the many invisibility potions in quick slots and the friendly planetar should make the life of charname quite easy...
    2 people only but 5 hard hitters :)
    edit: for further information about the use of aerie see
    to be even more evil both the toons and the clones can use mislead, so the enemy can not target them with spells, has very little chance to hit them the short time they become visible while attacking and both the fmt and his simulacrum can stab at will. but this probably is too much even for me... end of edit.

    i had never had 2 people in the party for all the game, but i had sometimes portions of the game played like that. my typical party is of 3-4 people, usually all able to use arcane magic.

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