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RP: Winter's Valley-Chapter 1



  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,342
    "Sometimes the King listens to my advice, sometimes he does not. I will talk to the King, and if the opportunity comes up speak on the boys behalf. But you should talk some sense into the laddie, make him see reason. "

    Colden looks at Nerna with benevolent eyes, sensing her concern for the lad.

    "Now we need to be on our way. Take care, Nerna. If I'll pop by the kitchen later, is there any chance of some freshly baked bread?" Colden now looks with hopeful eyes and he can feel his mouth water in anticipation of Nerna's bread. Fresh out of the oven, with butter melting on top... his tummy rumbles at the mere thought!

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,187
    *Lagrord gives as reassuring smile as he can, as they leave*

  • Rik_KirtaniyaRik_Kirtaniya Member Posts: 1,741
    "I would never follow any lawful actions! REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" :#

  • ashafetovashafetov Member Posts: 231
    edited May 2019
    " With all the respect, M'alord Colden... Ye comrade wait here." - Nareth pounders for a short moment and an expression of doubt appears on his face.
    Nareth has Chaotic Good alignment, what makes him break the rules... This time. Why not let Colden face His Majesty's anger himself if he dares?

    " In any case, I have to announce ye arrival to the King. And leave it him to impose exceptions on his rules. His Majesty is in a bad mood lately and I recommend ya to make no trouble, huh." - his face becomes stern and ceremonially strict again.

    Nareth clears his throat, flings open the gates blocking the entrance to Colden and Lagrord, makes a saluting gesture and declares out with the solemn voice: " Your Majesty! Astorwind Lorekeeper Colden himself with his humble servant are asking for an audience! "

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  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,263
    edited May 2019
    The king, apparently in midstride with a shout, instead turns his ire towards the door.

    "No, Gressick, you are NOT to--Nareth I told you we were not to be disturbed--Colden, come in, damn it all to the Sun God!" his ire shifts from Gressick to Nareth to Colden where it dies from anger to a sort of forced exuberance.

    He breathes deeply as you two approach. He wears a timeless face sheltered in long black hair and beard, crossed by myriads of scars and the weathering of countless angry tantrums. A table laid with several maps has been pulled into the center of the throne room. His pack leans against the table and his general, a former raider turned "civilized" warrior, Gressick, rests his hands on it, obviously angry as well.

    "Gressick and I were just discussing our upcoming battle on the northern border," says King Corak grimly. Gressick, a powerful, middleaged man checkered with frightening tattoos and bone piercings, cuts in, "No, you were ordering and I was protesting and then you were screaming."

    King Corak's ire begins to rise again, but in front of Colden he keeps it in check (for the immediate moment). Gressick is one of the few who can speak to him like that. A relatively recent addition to King Corak's board, his clan was wiped out a few years ago by a particularly harsh winter. Only he and his daughter survived. King Corak took him in and his familiarity with the landscape of the Valley have proven to be invaluable.

    "We will NOT ask the Bloodeye Clan for help, Gressick!" shouts Corak. "You are NOT to go to them, they are savages! Nareth, come in and close the DOOR, damn you, or it'll be your head! Do I look like I need my entire castle seeing my ire??"

  • ashafetovashafetov Member Posts: 231
    edited May 2019
    Nareth twitches and bows politely. He leaves the the hall and closes the gates from outside. He has got already used to King's quirks and sudden rage outbursts, so now it is about time get back to humble and boring guard's routine. However, the huge space within the hall amplifies His Majesty's screams loud enough to be heard in the hallway, close to the door.

  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,263
    King Corak takes a deep breath at the sound of his old friend’s calming reason. He continues, though he is still quite condescending and angry.

    “A few days ago, we received word that a group of orcs, 400 strong at least, had descended on the Bloodeye Clan of the Northern Crags. As they are our enemy, as you well know—” he gives a pointed glance to Gressick “—we gave it little thought.

    “However, one of our scouts returned this morning and told us the Bloodeye Clan had been overrun and were in retreat. We do not know where they went...”

    “But I believe I know where to find them!” cuts in Gressick.

    Corak gives his general an angry look, but says nothing to the interruption, another testament to their relationship. “He claims that he can convince them to join us by the time we reach the orcs on our northern border. The orcs have already met our skirmishers on the border and have fallen back into the Crags, according to the scout.

    “We are leaving within the hour to meet them head on and hunt them down like the vermin they are.”

    “If they drove off the Bloodeye Clan, there is something we are missing!” snaps Gressick

    “400 strong is certainly enough to drive any Clan from their home!” says Corak, repeating what is obviously an already held argument. “Do you think it possible that the Darkensons could withstand 400 orcs?” The Darkensons is the name of Gressick’s fallen Clan.

    “Not without incredible losses to the orcs!” yells Gressick. “The first scout reported 400 strong, and so did the second! Our Darkensons would have laid them to waste!”

    “If that is true as you say, then it is plausible that the Bloodeye Clan left as a ruse to take Astorwind while we have our backs turned.”

    “All the more reason to meet them and find out their intentions!” counters Gressick.

    “I need you at my side, General,” says Corak wearily. “I know you are the only one who can find them. But I need you there.”

    There is a pause.

    “I trust Prince Casak spoke to you about the draft?” the king says to Colden.

  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,342
    "Hmm.. Let us dissect the facts, lay them out and examine them one by one.

    Firstly, we know Bloodeye clan were beaten, but that the scouts indicate it happened without losses of the enemy. This means one of two thing, either the Bloodeye clan fled, also with no or minimal losses and thus remain a strong, though scattered force, or they were so utterly defeated by some stratagem they couldn't fight back. "

    Colden pauses for a moment, though not a military strategist, he tried to deduce the facts into something that the King might derive a strategy from.

    "Secondly, the enemy remains 400 or so still, a number you are confident we can win over. But without knowing the answer to the first question, we risk walking into a trap and may lose our forces doing so."

    "Thirdly, if we do lose our forces in such a trap, we leave Astornwind defenseless for the orcs to ravage, thus making the argument about risk being backstabbed by Bloodeye null and void."

    Colden again pauses for a second and gather his thoughts..

    "So, by reaching out the Bloodeye clan we can get answer to the first question, thus getting the facts straigth about potential enemy stratagems and, or the outcome of their battle without increasing the risk for Astorwind. If the Bloodeye clan was wiped out, they pose no threat to us. If they fled or was beaten, an enemy of my enemy, is my friend. "

    Colden wraps up his thoughts and his arguments using a calm, assertive but with a flair of dramatic tone weaved into it, his bardic education kicking in subconsciousnessly.

    "I sense there's little merit in charging head first into a hornet's nest without ample protection, so let us send a small, swift party out to quickly get in contact with the Bloodeye clan, while still sending the main force towards engaging the Orcs. But have them move slowly, to let the small team send word of the Bloodeye clan before engagement with the Orcs."

    "And yes, here's the Declaration you asked for. If there's any chance you need to it, I have with me paper and pen to quickly write up a new one. "

    Colden hands over the Declaration to the King.

  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,342
    "My Liege, if I may.. " Colden moves in after Gressick, before the King have time to say anything.

    "I've read about the Bloodeye clan and know they are an unruly bunch, like most barbarian tribes.. " a quick glance towards Gressick, then Colden continues ".. They have a sort of code of Honor rather than laws, like the ones you, our great King, enforce dutifully. We would do best to approach them with someone of their kind, so perhaps this daughter of Gressick would be an ideal candidate to guide the party there and aid in explaining the customs and practices of the people."

    Now Colden looks a bit less secure, moving outside of his comfort zone (which is at his desk, with a blank page to fill, a quill pen in his hand and a large keg of dwarven ale to warm him with) and continues.

    ".. and.. ahem.. if my King wants me to be in that party, I will obey. But if my King wants me to stay in the comfort of Astorwind, writing missives, declarations and decrees that is what I will do. "

  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,263
    “He is the best choice other than me and you know it, Corak,” says Gressick. “He is essentially your 3rd in command... he is familiar with our customs and laws, and you trust him enough to make decisions on your behalf. My daughter can coach him in the customs he is unfamiliar with. It’s isnt as good as sending me, but if you weren’t so stubborn we wouldn’t have this argument.”

    “3rd in command, Gressick?” says Corak. “I don’t remember establishing any sort of pecking order other than me at the top.

    “What do you say, Colden? I can’t say I like the idea, but you make a compelling case and we need someone to go. I can think of no one else other than... well, my son must go with me.”

  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,263
    King Corak looks surprised at Colden’s acceptance, but he nods and dismisses Gressick.

    “I will fetch my daughter and meet you in the village square, Colden, my liege,” the heavily tattooed man says with a curt bow.

    “I am afraid I must speak to you in private as well, old friend,” says Corak after Gressick leaves. He seems to completely ignore Lagrord, whom he must regard as nothing of worry. “But please, you first. You have done me an honor today by volunteering for this mission. I know it is not... your forte.”

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,187
    *Lagrord begins to think of all his favorite things to pass the time: his father Colden, his hat, that one time he saw the prince trip and fall into some manure. That last one made him smile, despite himself*

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