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SCSv32 LOB Ascension Improved Ust Natha 2.5

MyragMyrag Member Posts: 320
I recently started playing again. I felt game was too easy even on LOB/SCS so I thought I will tackle on Improved Ust Natha before leaving underdark... well to my surprise I did it on the second try.

Here are some highlights.

Decided to fight in the tavern as it seems to have the nicest spawning points.

Few screenshots here.

Beginning is super easy. High melee dps is clearning mobs faster than they spawn.


Fifth wave (think it was fifth) is where around 12+ drows spawn.




I'm getting bit overrun so I decided to clean it up with 5x dragons breath. I also backed up since mages from all directions were dispelling my protections on FMs faster than they can put them on.


This cleaned up a bit.



Few more rounds and I get overrun again.


Time to unleash sorcerers dragons breath again.



More waves are comming.



No lucky wish resting in many rounds now.... getting though.


First archmage joins in.


Dragons breath clears.


Wished timestop with IA. Time to clean this.


This looks clean. A bit of breathing room. Matron Mother Ellaviir soon to be gone.


Cleaning again.




Cavalry approaches. Last wave. Balors/demons and Matron Mother Finadryl.












Few more rounds and it was clean like an elven arse.

Party used
  1. Charname: F/Illusionist Gnome into Katanas/Scimitars (Celestial Fury, Belm)
  2. F/Illusionist into Flails/Short Swords (FOA +3, Kundane)
  3. FMT into long Swords/Scimitars (Daystar, SCT)
  4. Skald
  5. Priest of Lathander 11 > Fighter
  6. Sorcerer

EDIT: I think this fight was harder in SCSv31 but this must be mostly due to buggy SCS v32 RC10 scripts. I've posted AI bugs related to demons on SCS forums but they aren't fixed yet. I think demons in last wave are attacking drows too.

Nonetheless, regardless I think I got this fight figured out and now it will be always part of my SCS/LOB playthroughs from now on.
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  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 320
    edited May 2019
    My strategy in short.
    1. Protect the sorcerer
    2. Wish for the best (pun intended)
    3. and blow them with Dragon Breaths.

    Why is Skald good for this?
    • Tangled Strings -> Dispels Confusion
    • Methilds Harp -> Dispel Sun/Hold
    • Arbane Sword -> immune to Hold
    • Enhanced Bard Song -> Immune to stun and paralysis effects

    There is a lot of those during this fight so being immune and able to dispel others is just fantastic. She even dispelled planetar a lot when it got stunned as well.
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,419
    edited May 2019
    So basically, HLAs destroy the challenge in Amn, even with the Improved Ust Natha component, and even on LoB.

    Over the years, I've come to an idea Amn should be completed with players limiting themselves in the way of not clicking that lvl up button when the character has 3mln XP.

    Congratulations on doing this nonetheless!
  • Mantis37Mantis37 Member Posts: 1,168
    The delay HLAs component in Tweaks is also quite playable, I used it in my last no-reload. That + no Watcher's Keep in SoA gets some of the challenge back.
  • MaarudMaarud Member Posts: 13
    Welp, now I'm eager to try the drow wipe-out in my current SCS run (on core rules though, I'm not that good/insane), since I've always followed the "escape right after the demon" quest route back in the days of vanilla SoA. I wonder if it would be possible with just standard caster-heavy party and a slightly overleveled gnome f/m PC.

    Anyway, congratulations!
  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 320
    @JuliusBorisov it kinda does a bit yes.

    Although, this is also mix-maxed playthrough since I was at 4mil XP when finishing Ust Natha questlines so I squeezed every ounce of XP I could muster. Also it is combination of HLA (dragon's breath to be specific), Vecna+AoP and Sorcerer which imo is still the most powerfull character.

    One thing to note, if it wasn't dragon's breath then Fire Elemental summoing + Incendiary Cloud could achieve similar results although not as impressively easy.

    Honestly as long as you got sorcerer with those you can complete this challenge with any party, since they only just need to hold their ground while he/she blows enemies to pieces.

    Currently on my way to try this with Wild Mage :smile: I wonder how it will go.
  • appoappo Member Posts: 6
    That party composition drives me crazy! :D How do you manage all the spells on the 5 arcane mages you have with you?!! As you pointed out, the drows discpell faster then the F/M can put on some protections.
    Doesnt the party lack some melee damage?
    Especially F/M/T could leak some EXP doesn't he?
  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 320
    edited April 2021
    appo wrote: »
    Doesnt the party lack some melee damage?

    Lack melee damage? This is probably the strongest melee composition that I ever made. F/I has 9APR, F/I another 9APR and FMT also 9 APR. This party destroys in terms of melee power.

    Other party did lack a little in melee but it's not required for this fight with the tactic that I used. They just tanked everything and sorcerer did the cleanup.
    appo wrote: »
    That party composition drives me crazy! :D How do you manage all the spells on the 5 arcane mages you have with you?!!

    Key binds my friend.
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