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Forgotten Realms Cormyr

Hail Roleplayers!

Forgotten Realms Cormyr or FRC is a Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying community who come together to play in the D&D 3.0/3.5 setting of Cormyr the Forest Kingdom in the Forgotten Realms through the Neverwinter Nights.

FRC was founded in 2004 by DM’s Justicar and Usurper to provide D&D players with an online roleplay home where a gaming experience can be enjoyed with the feeling of a table top pen-and-paper game. After 15 years FRC is still going strong and we’d be happy to have you with us!

You may become part of the FRC Community by joining us in game through Neverwinter Nights Multiplayer, in this forum, or on our FRC Community Discord server.

Our forum may be found here:



  • hawkrunehawkrune Member Posts: 4

    Hail Roleplayers!

    You are invited to join us on Forgotten Realms Cormyr to enjoy a Pirate Dinner Party

    The event begins on Satuday May 18th at 8 PM US Central / 9 PM US Eastern / 2 AM London time.

    The Dinner Party will be hosted at the East Docks of Suzail. Hope to see you there : )

  • hawkrunehawkrune Member Posts: 4

    A Pirate Dinner Party on FRC

  • Maleficents_KissMaleficents_Kiss Member Posts: 1
    edited February 13
    I just wanted to take a moment to bump this thread and invite anyone who might be looking for a new role play home to our server!

    We have a fairly large and detailed world for you to explore where you can create your own story and be part of someone elses at the same time. Whether you love RP through adventure, kicking back in a town/city, or walking out in the forest with a close friend, you'll find us to be a suitable place to call home.

    Please visit our forums or contact a DM in game if you have any questions. I'll of course respond to any questions here on these boards or at our home boards:

    FRC Forums:


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  • DavenutninjaDavenutninja Member Posts: 1
    I have played FRC for just a tiny bit over a year now, and I am still here. This server is both immersive and welcoming, not to mention the massive size and challenge presented. The players and the staff have been both encouraging and informative and are a major reason why I even began collecting the Forgotten Realms books. The roleplay is infectious, the rules are reasonable and the environment is amazing. I'm still learning and my first year has gone and passed :D and there is still so much lore to uncover and places to go. Wide varieties of play style, room for every alignment and guilds and player-groups to support them. The scripting team is skilled and hard working, builders are always expanding things or tossing in new hidden gems, player driven and DM driven stories flourish everywhere. There really is something for everyone here. I hope you all give it a try.

  • NemusatorNemusator Member Posts: 1
    edited February 14
    Soon to be 5th year of playing here. The consistency on the server is exemplary. Plenty of people building their stories for 10 years or more, very interactive community, active DM team always interested in participating in your character's stories or even making them for you, challenging dungeons and a wast world to explore...

    For those about to FRC... We salute you!

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