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Tell your first stories from playing BG1 in the 90s.

SamuelVargSamuelVarg Member Posts: 595
If you, like me, still play BG1 (and 2) but was a fan even in the good old days: Please tell your stories on what you thought, what you did, did you make any goofy mistakes? etc.

I can start with a small anecdote and then put more stories in the comment section.

I have been a table top board game and role player from about 10 years of age. When I was around 12 or 13 and playing the Swedish version of D&D (Drakar och Demoner) I created a elven warrior named "Lorion" and he was my favorite character for a long time. When Baldur's Gate came out I bought it, put in the first of the five CD ROMs and created my first character. An elven warrior (ranger?) and I named him: Lorion.

The game starts and it is stated that "your foster father Gorion has raised you...". I was like: Holy cow this game is advanced! It takes my written name and reforms it for my foster fathers name and the narrator actually reads it out!



  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,057
    My first character was a human fighter. The first thing I did in the game was have him attack Phlydia, who then killed him.

  • SamuelVargSamuelVarg Member Posts: 595
    I also remember my PC at the time couldn't handle this advanced game and it crashed from time to time. So I still have the "I need to quick save every 5 minute"-nerve.

  • AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 869
    Told this a few times before on the same forum, but never mind that. I started as a Mage (as always) named after myself and being familiar with D&D and the old Goldbox games I did decently in the beginning since I was aware that the Sleep spell is the best low level spell around.

    However, after reaching about Level 5 I was overly focused on Fireball which was the "I win" button in Goldbox for that level range since you tended to fight to a large number of medium-strength enemies and due to being turn-based you were able to target it very exactly.

    So in this level range I started to struggle quite a bit, I remember having difficulties with both the bandit camp and Davaeorn. Not making good use of consumables did not help. I remember those battles being frustrating enough that I accepted a perma-death or two in those combats. Anyway, I pretty much ran the standard party with Imoen, Jaheira, Khalid and Minsc. Xzar, Montaron and Dynaheir all got chunked at some point. I do not recall who my final party member was. Definitely not Branwen, I did not learn that you could restore her until a later playthrough.

  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 2,607
    I still have my original install discs and manuals but I do not have the box...I think. It may be in a box in the garage but I am not going to look for it any time soon. I learned fairly quickly that in old school vanilla Animate Dead + Invisibility = instant win for 95% of the game since creatures in the fog of war didn't fight back--it took my skeletons an hour and a half of real time to kill Shandalar.

    My introduction to scripts happened when, very late in the game, my characters were wanted by the Flaming Fist and got spotted. Each Flaming Fist started running a script which summoned a Flaming Fist and by the time the computer crashed there was an army of Flaming Fists surrounding my characters.

  • Gatekeep3rGatekeep3r Member Posts: 123
    edited June 4
    I have the original American box (damaged) with the 5 CDs, map and Volo's Guide and one mint condition box from the UK that I bought a few years ago as decoration in my library (it doesn't contain Volo's Guide, just the map).

    The complete French version (for reasons already mentioned) in a huge box. Google Baldur's Gate La Saga. It's pretty awesome, too bad it's in French.

    And then I have copied CDs. Many, many copies...

    Oh, and a DVD collection. Lame plastic box, not like the epic shit we had back in our day.

  • butteredsoulbutteredsoul Member Posts: 134
    I suffered my typical bout of restartitis before settling in on a female human cleric who I subsequently imported into BG2 as a cleric of Talos. Even though my PC was evil, I didn't need another cleric. Thus, I completely missed out on Viconia and her overall excellence.

  • DeucetipherDeucetipher Member Posts: 514
    I remember getting a demo disk before the game came out and playing it relentlessly. Back then, it was pretty common for gaming magazines to ship with demo disks. My brother and I were 11 and 12 years old, respectively, and we obsessed hard over the demo (which only went as far as the FAI). I remember being crushed that ajantis was not in fact next to the coast way sign in the actual game, once I got the actual game (for christmas, I believe).

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,862
    OlvynChuru wrote: »
    My first character was a human fighter. The first thing I did in the game was have him attack Phlydia, who then killed him.

    Didn't even have the decency to get her the book first. For shame! :)

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,257
    lets see.... midnight? sure why not i got some time here, lets see what i can remember from my first play throughs...

    so it was the early summer/ late spring of 99 i believe, and we finally finished moving in to our own house in BC after the 4000 KM move from Ont Canada

    so a few weeks after the move my parents become pretty good friends with the neighbors next door and on one of the visits, my life would change forever ( who would have knew? )

    on this particular visit, the husband neighbor introduced me to a game called "Baldur's Gate" , which i have never heard of, since i was more in to the console gaming crowd, and had no clue how computers worked or any of that jazz ( at the time we did not have a PC, so that is probably why )

    anyway, i started the game up and i believe i made a human fighter, who had 18/91+ STR and the rest of the ability scores all evened out ( so like 12s and 13s, i had NO idea what DnD was so i though if i rounded out the rest, it would help "round out my character" lolololololol )

    so with that being done, finished off my character and off into candlekeep i went, and my first reaction was: i was completely blown away, i could not BELIEVE how AMAZING the graphics looked at the time ( especially compared to NES and GENS games ) and i couldn't believe there was voice acting, and there was so much music in the game, that REALLY matched the theme, and i was just HOOKED in, the game literally blew my socks off, my 12 year old brain could barely comprehend just how amazing this was

    so i found my way out of candlekeep and started to adventure with imoen who came in with all these amazing items and stuff, i couldn't believe how cool everything looked, and gameplay wise all i knew was that low AC was good, and high HP was good, so i continued on, grabbed montaron and xzar, and then i believe i eventually grabbed khalid and jaheira

    and back in those days i played no reloads, because i was a console gamer and "reloading saves" basically did not exist in my world, although if my character did die i would reload an auto save ( didn't know what quick saving was back in those days ) and i was having a blastio, ironically the game was set to the highest difficulty and that didn't even deter me, i mustered on

    losing companions from them getting chunked and grabbing new ones when i could, it was great

    always NEVER having money because i was spending SO much at the temples reviving my guys and spending money on healing my guys as well ( i dont recall if i knew clerics could heal or not ) and when it came to spell casting the level 1 spells command and entangle were my most common and magic missile for wizards or larloch's minor drain

    i remember looking at items at the store just basking in awe of their glory, knowing that i will never be able to afford them because my money was seriously never above 500 gold, i remember seeing the plate mail armor for 900 gold thinking that this armor must be amazing, and then seeing the large shield +1 being a whooping 3000 gold, thinking that shield must just be incredible

    and then i remember the first day when i FINALLY could afford to get the plate mail armor and large shield +1, i remember grinding gibberlings for literally a couple of levels until their treasures gave me enough money to get the 3900 gold to buy those two items, and so i did, and also wielding a longsword +1, i thought this character was now nigh unstoppable with his 0 AC now, hahahahahah ah good times

    during these times, i believe i had a few restarts, either trying out different classes, or companions and things like that, but i would mostly play fighter types, and all i knew what that 18/91+ STR was mandatory, and it was an interesting play experience because my neighbor's disk 3 was scratched so i could NEVER go into the nashkiel mines, but luckily BG was so big and expansive that i could journey to so many different locales to keep my hooked and entertained, which i think was the saving grace of BG for me, if it wasn't for the fact of it's "sand boxiness" i dont think BG would have had all that much of an impact on me because i was only able to go so far from that scratched disk

    just thinking back, when i was so naive and young and just having a blastio playing that game all those years ago, thinking on how horrible i was at the game because i had no clue what the DnD ruleset was, and wasting huge cash on silly things that i never needed to be wasted on and so on

    from that point on, i became hooked to the BG series, when we FINALLY got our own PC so i didn't have to go over to the neighbor's house to play it ( which i did for a good year and a half ) i played the BG series like i was addicted to heroin, holy cow did i ever play the crap out of that series

    now that i think of it, i don't even know how i got through high school for how much BG i was playing, just play through after play through after play through, and slowly learning, getting better, becoming more efficient, i remember when i was 18 and i had a long weekend, i started bg1 friday morning in candlekeep and i was battling mellisan the dark hearted the following sunday evening with a level 40 fighter, couldnt believe how crazy that play through was

    and i would continue to play these game like a madman, barely if EVER using and mods ( although i did try some here or there every once in a while ) all the way until i was about 25 ( which is when i think the EEs were starting to come out ) i was finally slowing down, and instead of playing BG 11+ months out of the year, i was only playing the game about 6 months of the year, and then really, in the last 2 years or so ( so pretty much when i hit 30 ) i've really slowed down on my BG playing, where i now play for maybe a month or so at most ( besides the current play through im doing now, which pretty much just started BG 2 i took almost a year off )

    it has finally taken 20 years for me to slow down and not be as addicted to these games as i used to be, unfortunately these game no longer give me that high that i use to get ( apparently ) when i played these game, although i still do love playing them, they are now just nostalgia, awesome nostalgia, but nostalgia none the less, as i mentioned before, i have no doubt had..... oh i cant remember anymore..... 3000+ runs of BG 1, maybe 4000? and at least 2000 runs of BG 2 over the 20 years i've played these games

    and out of all the things in this universe that has drained my time here on this big ol' ball of mud that orbits the sun, i have never been happier that the BG series was the one that did so, i have played many great games over my video game career, but the BG series was always be a part of my soul, and though out my little friend group, i will always be the guy who played this game way too much, and if anything that just puts a smile on my face, well done bioware, this master piece you created was well received ( at least by me of coarse :) )

  • kansasbarbariankansasbarbarian Member Posts: 179
    I started playing DND in 1977. Last played in 1982. Got married and started working full time so game got left behind. Fast forward to 1998. Got a new computer through Gateway and it came with game dvd called Baldur's Gate. I installed it and all my memories came flooding back. I have bought every edition that came out through the years . I have never stopped playing it since.

  • IseweinIsewein Member Posts: 100
    I gave my first character a random faux-Celtic name (Coinin) which I fancied sounded just like a mighty wizard. His familiar (True Neutral) turned out a meager rabbit, and his squishy level one self had to run away from every fight, setting my expectations straight soon enough. Years later I learned that coinin actually means rabbit in Celtic. I've been a believer in destiny ever since.

  • BaptorBaptor Member Posts: 184
    Though I play almost exclusively mages now, my first character was a human fighter. I quickly learned that ranged weapons in the original were OP, so I became a grand master of the composite long bow and rained death upon my foes. It wasn't uncommon for me to score a crit with my bow and explode an enemy.

    However, I have to confess that I died many times trying to get the game going at first. So I made a multi-player custom party and went out of Candlekeep with 5 companions. I was able to survive and replace them all (mostly) with in-game NPCs. I only did that the one time - it was fun.

    Baldur's Gate was my first exposure to Dungeons and Dragons, and I found a group and started playing the pencil and paper version later that same year. I've loved D&D and it's been a great hobby of mine ever since.

    Fun Fact: When my friend pitched Baldur's Gate to me at school, he told me it was "a much harder but much more rewarding Diablo game." :)

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