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worrying my game is broken help plz

saircorsaircor Member Posts: 9
same as reddit post idk
Okay i already made a thread about my problems with lady of pain before but theres more of it now. So theres the hermit in the curst underground, and then theres some kinda prison? So i was in that prison fighting some armored dudes, and suddenly i try to save and it turns out i annoyed the lady again? Like, what could i possibly done? I was just taking down those dudes and then going to rest again and again, and then suddenly she's annoyed again? So i realod my previous save, check and yes i can save again. Go to kill some of the armored dudes, then try to save and again, it shows that she's mad again. Soo i reload the save, go to kill THE SAME DUDES again, check if i can save, and its ok. Now whats there even avaible in that location that could possibly annoy the lady? Like, I know I'm guessing some nonsense here, but does this depend on any combat option (For example "enemies at which i used lithany of curses are considered innocent") ? Or is there any button with hidden function that adds the points to annoy her? (idk i have a thing that sometimes i need to press some random button but doubt :/:\) Or, maybe, I am screwed already and, even thought i reloaded, the game might've thought "we already showed him the caution no need to show it again" (even though i reloaded so it should be counted separately but honestly no idea)? If that's the case, should the lady attack me after any transition to any room, or only after I go back to Sigil? (if that's the case i guess im completely screwed because i've probably overwritten all the saves already). Any ideas?
edit: okay i just checked, apparently its not because of enemies dying but becauase of my characters dying. killed some, nothing happened. Let my own die, theres the warning. uhh

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