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PST:EE console, commands and codes how-to

JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,835

We've decided to share a console how-to for PST:EE with you.

1. Enable the console in PST:EE.

For this, please, follow the instuctions provided for BGEE/SoD/BG2EE in version 2.0 and later by @elminster having the following in mind (PST:EE-specific):

You should go to your %user%\documents\Planescape Torment - Enhanced Edition\ folder.

2. Press - to access the console in game.

3. Use these handy Control Keys:

CTRL-SPACE will allow you to access the debug console which has convenient buttons for jumping to areas, spawning a cheat weapon (the "God Axe"), etc.
CTRL-Y will kill any creature currently under the mouse.
CTRL-J will cause the party to jump to the current cursor location.
CTRL-Z with mouse over TNO will summon a full party (may create duplicates)
CTRL-SHIFT-Z with mouse over a character will give that character all spells

4. Use these handy Commands:

4.1. C:AddGold(< int >)
Adds the amount of gold specified by the int parameter to the party.

4.2. C:CreateItem("< string >")
Creates the item specified by < string >.

4.3. C:CreateCreature("< string >")
Creates the creature specified by < string >.

4.4. C:ExploreArea()
Removes the fog of war from the current area.

4.5. C:SetCurrentXP("< int >")
Sets the XP of the selected character to < int >.

4.6. Alignment-related Commands

TNO Only (Cannot change Alignment of NPC Party Members)
The Variables are "LAW" and "GOOD"
The break point numbers are 15 (> 14) and -21 (< -20).
Numbers can go above or below those break point numbers (you can have -100 Good or +80 Law).
Alignment change is instant. Setting Alignment Variable to 15 immediately changes the alignment of TNO.
C:SetGlobal apparently does NOT update all appropriate code to recognize the variable change till AFTER a Save/Reload.
To pick up C:SetGlobal changes to Alignment properly in ALL code you MUST run C:Eval("ChangeAlignment(Protagonist,LAWFUL_GOOD)") where "LAWFUL_GOOD" is the Alignment to switch to.

4.6.1. C:SetGlobal("LAW","GLOBAL",15) - Set Alignment to Lawful
4.6.2. C:SetGlobal("LAW","GLOBAL",-21) - Set Alignment to Chaotic
4.6.3. C:SetGlobal("GOOD","GLOBAL",15) - Set Alignment to Good
4.6.4. C:SetGlobal("GOOD","GLOBAL",-21) - Set Alignment to Evil

After any of the above commands you must run:
C:Eval("ChangeAlignment(Protagonist,ALIGNMENT)") where ALIGNMENT is the current alignment (Such as CHAOTIC_NEUTRAL or LAWFUL_EVIL) of TNO.

4.6.5. Using C:GetGlobal will show the current value, such as C:GetGlobal("LAW","GLOBAL")


To Set TNO's Alignment to Lawful Good

To Set TNO's Alignment to Lawful Evil

To Set TNO's Alignment to Chaotic Good

To Set TNO's Alignment to Chaotic Evil

4.7. Faction-related Commands

For the Nameless One

TNO's faction is controlled by global variables, since TNO can be a member of more than one faction at the same time:

C:SetGlobal("Join_","GLOBAL",) ← Sets the global variable that means "TNO is currently a member of this faction".

List of joinable factions and their variables:

For party members

The faction of all other party members is controlled by the faction field in their creature files:

C:Eval('ChangeFaction(,)') ← Changes the target's faction stored in their creature file to the faction specified by the faction number if the target is in the current area. Numbers can be looked up in FACTION.ids, but seem to be hardcoded.

C:Eval('ChangeFaction("Dakkon",2)') - Changes Dak'kon to Dustmen
C:Eval('ChangeFaction("Annah",0)') - Removes Annah's Indep faction, making her have no faction

4.8. If you're looking for the item code, use NearInfinity, or check this thread by @Fred57.



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